Bookish Ramblings # 6: Bookish Boxes

A new bookish addiction...and January's book

Hello Everyone,

I've decided to touch on a (bookish) topic/item that has recently come to South that I've seen in the rest of the world - and that is Book Boxes!
This is something that I have seen around the Booktube community and have waited for quite a while for South Africa to catch onto the trend...and they finally have!!!
The pic above is the one I got in January from The Secret Book Box along with the book. 

But here's the good news - South Africa doesn't only have one book box - they've got TWO! Introducing The Book Case which is the other bookish box that is available. Unfortunately up until the end of February - I've missed out on their boxes; but I've ordered the one for March - which I'll receive at the beginning of April; which I'm really excited for!

Last Word:
I love supporting these sort of things as far as I'm able to - and not just because I have an absolute book fetish! If you're a book lover and are able to support any of these two - be sure to do so. One thing I have noticed - is that these boxes do have a tendency to go fast - which is a good thing!