2 Year Anniversary

Hello Everyone,

Wow! I can't believe that it's been two years already! 
It's wonderful how things have slowly evolved and changed - and it's been awesome how I've started my new self-employed journey and I intend on exploring new and exciting things this year. It also means that I have more time on my hands to read - which I am thrilled about! 

Anyways - one thing I do want to say:
Thank you to everyone who has followed my blogging journey so far - I really appreciate all the support that I get; and I hope that you will continue with me on the next leg of my journey. 

Which brings me to the next topic.
For those that have been following me; you have seen that I've been reading and reviewing a little bit more, as well as taking on more things like cover reveals and blog tours. There's some other bookish things that I'm going to be tackling this year; and I'm really excited for them!
For those that are new - welcome! I've now got a newsletter that you can sign up to for those who want more and exclusive bookish news from me. 

Last Word:
And for those that are curious, here are some other things that I'm going to be expanding on or starting this year:
- I'm going to be starting a new YouTube channel this year; so watch out for that!
- I'm going to be working on my Etsy shop this year; adding new things.
- I will most likely also put out my new book blogging website as well, but for updates on that, you will have to subscribe to my newsletter.
- There's other projects that I'll also be taking on throughout the year; but for more information on those, you can subscribe to my newsletter. 

I'm excited to take this next year on and become exposed to new authors and books!