Review - Jack the Ripper: Live and Uncut by Matt Leyshon

Book Cover
Year Published: 2017 Genre: Thriller; Suspense; Crime
Blurb: When you want to solve the greatest cold case of all time, you don't find the witness, you become the witness... Investigative Reporter Carl Axford is offered the story of a lifetime. When recruited by Limbo, (a covert group that uses unique technology to solve cold cases), Axford is presented the chance to crack the greatest cold case in existence. Catch Jack The Ripper! The opportunity of a front row seat to the Jack The Ripper murders seems too good to be true. What will Axford discover in 1888? Will he be able to identify history’s greatest criminal and bring him to justice? Or does Victorian Whitechapel hold further secrets that influence events of the past as well as the present? Jack The Ripper may not be the only mystery Axford has to solve.
About the Author: I was born and raised in Sydney, Australia, before moving to the USA and have been here for the last 14 years. I am a humble Solutions Architect for a …

My Week of Reading (9 - 14 July 2018)

Hello Everyone,

This week has been slightly more hectic than I anticipated, so I only managed to do review this week.
Single and Looking: Daisy by Belinda Austin: Goodreads: Goodreads Review - Single and Looking Here is my blog review of the book: Blog Review - Single and Looking
Since I received a Digital ARC of the book - I'll only be posting an Amazon review closer to the release date, and I definitely have to say this again - if you enjoy reading humorous chick lit - be sure to pick this book up - I really enjoyed it! 
Monthly Reading Goals: I unfortunately haven't gotten to this yet - though I do seem to be more or less on par with reading, so I'm hoping to maybe get to this within the next week or so. 
Last Word: At the moment, I'm busy reading 'The Season of Silver Linings' by Christine Nolfi. I've read a book by this author before, and it's nice to be reading a book by her again. I'm most likely going to be doing two reviews this week - I was hoping …

Review - Single and Looking: Daisy by Belinda Austin

My Copy of the Book
Date of Release: 24 August 2018 Genre: Chick Lit; Humorous
Blurb: DAISY SETS OUT TO FIND PRINCE CHARMING WITH HER TALKING, HARD-DRINKING CAT. Daisy will turn 40 in eleven months and has never married. Her family figures Daisy is a loser because she is still in college trying to avoid paying off her student loans which have amassed over 22 years of a miseducation. And all Daisy has is a cat to keep her company. To make the crises worse, her cat begins giving Daisy dating advice, when she is sober! She never knew the cat was British though Daisy did name him Shakespeare. The mess of Daisy's life is even kookier because the cat is cursing and smoking now like a Downton-Abbey criminal, quoting William Shakespeare, and drinking more alcoholic beverages. Mm, there must be a connection to all this flowing alcohol, which may explain the bubbly in Daisy's brain. Her sisters and mother insist on setting Daisy up on six blind dates and all the men are named after liquor. In…

My Week of Reading (2 - 7 July 2018)

Hello Everyone,

So I'm sitting here in front of my laptop; the weather is overcast and quite cool - which means that I also have a cup of tea sitting in front of me as well to keep me warm - just for those that don't know - it's winter here in South Africa.
What can I say, I just had to go and insert this in here...
I've also just started up Spotify, and am busy listening to Within Temptation - so I'm quite sure you can tell that I'm in a bit of a weird mood...but anyways, onto the bookish part of this post... I managed to do one review this week, as well as a blog post.
From Afar by Frank Scozzari: Amazon: Amazon Review - From Afar Goodreads: Goodreads Review - From Afar Here is my blog review of the book: Blog Review - From Afar

Monthly Reading Goals:
I haven't started this yet - but it appears as if my reading is going well (for now); so I'm hoping to get to this within the next week or two.

Last Word:
Alright, so - the book that I'm currently reading is …

Review - From Afar by Frank Scozzari

My Copy of the Book
Year Published: 2018 Genre: Drama
Blurb: For centuries, poets have argued that unrequited love is love in its strongest form. From Afar is a timeless tale of Morgan Stanfield's search for love in the far northern city of Saint Petersburg, Russia. Leaving the warm climate of Santa Barbara, he embarks on a four-day odyssey where he encounters a Russian beauty, a prostitute, a wise old babushka, an American chauvinist, intellectuals, the Russian mafia, and the 'face' of love, and comes to know how love from a distance can be more captivating than love close on hand.
About the Author: Frank Scozzari is an American novelist and screenwriter. A five-time Pushcart Prize nominee, his short stories have been widely anthologized and featured in literary theater.
Connect with the Author: Facebook: Frank Scozzari Facebook Twitter: Frank Scozzari Twitter Author Website: Frank Scozzari Author Website
Buy the Book: Amazon: Amazon Purchase Link
My Take on the Book: It was nice to re…

Bookish Ramblings # 8: Mid-Year Update

Hello Everyone,

So, the middle of the year has come and gone, so I thought that I'd give you an update of the things that I've done this year. This will mostly be a bookish post, though I will be including some other things as well.
I've had some motivational/inspirational highs and dips this year. Sometimes I reckon it's from this constant mindset of where I seem to be on the go all the time - and that can get quite exhausting at times.  June was where I managed to create a little bit of downtime for myself, especially for things that I needed to catch up on, or just get around to doing. 
Which leads me to the next things that I only got to in June: Even though I had been doing some leisure reading throughout the year, I managed to get more than usual done in June - and that's because I tried to keep my review schedule to a minimum.  Another thing I also only got to in June - is doing some non-fiction Christian reading. Yes, you read right: I only got to it in June. In o…

My Week of Reading (25 - 30 June 2018)

Hello Everyone,

I've had a busy review week - I got three reviews out; so let's jump straight in.

Down the Willow Tree by Elizabeth Robin:
Amazon: Amazon Review - Down the Willow Tree
Goodreads: Goodreads Review - Down the Willow Tree
Genuine Jenn: Genuine Jenn Review - Down the Willow Tree

Three Things About Elsie by Joanna Cannon:
Amazon: Amazon Review - Three Things About Elsie
Goodreads: Goodreads Review - Three Things About Elsie
Here is my blog review of the book: Blog Review - Three Things About Elsie

The Sisterhood by Bobbie Houston:
Amazon: Amazon Review - The Sisterhood
Goodreads: Goodreads Review - The Sisterhood
Here is my blog review of the book: Blog Review - The Sisterhood

It was really nice to get some leisure reading in this week!

Monthly Reading Goals:
I haven't gotten to this yet - but let's see how the month goes...

Last Word:
Alright, so - I'll definitely be posting one review this week - at the moment, I'm busy reading 'From Afar' by Frank Scozzari…