Review - Monster Huntress by David Wiley

My Copy of the Book

Year Published: 2018
Genre: Fantasy

Consecrated with her mother’s blood and blessing.
The world tells Ava she’s just a little girl who should know her place, but Ava wants a sword not a crown.
Ava and her father are following in her mother’s footsteps, hunting monsters in the 13 Kingdoms, seeking revenge for her mother’s untimely death. Little do they know that the monster responsible is building up a dangerous force. When The King requests the help of Ava’s father in exchange for her becoming a princess, Ava is not pleased. Can Ava escape her fate and the obnoxious prince of Harborg to live the life she’s always known, or will the dark plans of the monster catch her in his trap.
David Wiley combines the action of Tomb Raider with the fantastical elements of The Witcher to create the exciting world of The Young Huntress high fantasy series.
Track down Monster Huntress today and slay your need for good fantasy.

About the Author:
David Wiley grew up around stories. He would frequently bring stacks of books to his mother at bedtime, always eager to have another book read before bed. Several decades have passed since those days, but little has changed: he still has a passion for stories.
His first short story to be published was "Lost in a Familiar Place", a short piece of flash fiction that appeared in Firewords Quarterly. Since then he has seen several shorter pieces published in anthologies. His first solo publication, A Merchant in Oria, was published in the spring of 2017 by OWS Ink. David's first full-length novel, Monster Huntress, is releasing in April 2018 and is set in the same fantasy world as his novella but follows a new protagonist: Ava, a young girl with aspirations of hunting monsters for a living.
When he isn't writing, David can often be found enjoying the works of J.R.R. Tolkien, C.S. Lewis, Robert Jordan, Brandon Sanderson, Sarah J. Maas, and many others. He also likes to delve into the literature of the Anglo-Saxons, such as Beowulf, and the Icelandic Sagas.
During his free time he also likes to sit around a table with others, pulling out modern board games such as War of the Ring, Mage Knight, Lignum, A Feast for Odin, and many other games. 

Connect with the Author:
Author Website: David Wiley Author Website

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My Take on the Book:
I quite enjoyed the first few pages of this book - I ended up reading this book a little bit faster than I was expecting to. There were times when Avalina seems to be slightly naive in some of the viewpoints she holds. A lot of this story follows Avalina and her father with their activities; though near the end of the book, the story's focus switches to include events that are going on in Tirgoth. I ended up giving this book a three star rating and got a copy in exchange for an honest review. 

Last Word:
This ended up being a pleasant read.


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