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My Week of Reading (23 - 28 April 2018)

Hello Everyone, I'm surprised that I've somehow managed to get three reviews done this week considering what a crazy week I've had - so I'm going to jump straight into them: Manchester Vice by Jack Strange: Amazon:  Amazon Review - Manchester Vice Goodreads:  Goodreads Review - Manchester Vice Here is my blog review of the book:  Blog Review - Manchester Vice Lemmon's Journey by Philip Oyok: Amazon:  Amazon Review - Lemmon's Journey Goodreads:  Goodreads Review - Lemmon's Journey Here is my blog review of the book:  Blog Review - Lemmon's Journey The Cruel Prince by  Holly Black: Amazon:  Amazon Review - The Cruel Prince Goodreads:  Goodreads Review - The Cruel Prince Here is my blog review of the book:  Blog Review - The Cruel Prince Monthly Reading Goals: This is unfortunately not going to happen...maybe next month. Last Word: So, I've had a busy week, but I had a fun though busy weekend: I took part in

Review - Manchester Vice by Jack Strange

Book Cover Year Published: 2017 Genre: Crime, with a touch of Thriller Blurb: Get ready for a taut, edge-of-your-seat thriller from best-selling UK author Jack Strange. Brad Sharpe, a crime reporter for the Manchester Daily News, is tired of wasting his time on petty crimes and go-nowhere stories. Hungry for something bigger, and hoping to revive both his flagging career and his crumbling marriage, Brad connects himself to one of England's most notorious serial killers. This might just be Brad's biggest break, in more ways than one. About the Author: Jack Strange has had a very varied career. He’s worked in a morgue, dug holes for a living, shifted heavy things on and off trucks, sold advertising space, and was, for a while, a Lawyer.  He’s always read voraciously and has wanted to be a novelist since the age of ten. He wrote his first novel aged fourteen (it wasn’t very good but he’s come on a bit since then). Jack’s favourite modern authors incl

Review - The Cruel Prince by Holly Black

My Copy of the Book Year Published: 2018 Genre: Fantasy; Young Adult Blurb: Of course I want to be like them. They're beautiful as blades forged in some divine fire. They will live forever. And Cardan is even more beautiful than the rest. I hate him more than all the others. I hate him so much that sometimes when I look at him, I can hardly breathe. Jude was seven years old when her parents were murdered and she and her two sisters were stolen away to live in the treacherous High Court of Faerie. Ten years later, Jude wants nothing more than to belong there, despite her mortality. But many of the fey despise humans. Especially Prince Cardan, the youngest and wickedest son of the High King. To win a place at the Court, she must defy him--and face the consequences. In doing so, she becomes embroiled in palace intrigues and deceptions, discovering her own capacity for bloodshed. But as civil war threatens to drown the Courts of Faerie in violence, Jude will need

Review - Lemmon's Journey by Philip Oyok

Book Cover Year Published: 2014 Genre: Contemporary Blurb: Lemmon Grandee is sad and bitter about life. He is fighting the retirement blues and mourning the sudden loss of his wife. Lonesome and heartbroken, his friend and neighbors fear the worse. Suicide seems like the perfect antidote for him.  Things change when while cleaning out his late wife’s studio, he uncovers hidden letters from his runaway daughter, Gloria, currently living a new life in New York City with her eight-year old son. Lemmon suddenly finds the spark of life he thought he had long lost. He gets on a bus headed to New York with the intention of rekindling his relationship with his daughter and see about convincing her to return home. Who knows? It just might bring an end to the nightmarish dreams plaguing him lately—dreams that foretell of a dark future awaiting him and his lost family.  A story of love and death, pain and loss, and the courage to find second chances in life. About the Aut

My Week of Reading (16 - 21 April 2018)

Hello Everyone, So, it's definitely been a busy week for me - though unfortunately not really related to reading (I'll be discussing more of my 'non-reading related' busy week a little further on), so let's get to what I reviewed - I somehow managed to do two reviews this week, but I also managed to get a Release Blitz done as well. Be Careful What You Joust For by Ivy Smoak and Ryan Hauge: Amazon:  Amazon Review - Be Careful What You Joust For Goodreads:  Goodreads Review - Be Careful What You Joust For Here is my blog review of the book:  Blog Review - Be Careful What You Joust For Ingress by Meghan McDonnell: Amazon:  Amazon Review - Ingress Goodreads:  Goodreads Review - Ingress Genuine Jenn:  Genuine Jenn Review - Ingress Monthly Reading Goals: My month has now been thrown completely out - for reasons that I'll be stating down below; so the goals that I've carried over from March are still unlikely to happen this month - but the

Release Day Blitz - On the Road to Love by Melissa Baldwin

Happy Release Day to Melissa Baldwin! Her newest romantic comedy, ON THE ROAD TO LOVE, is available now! Book Information: Title:  On the Road to Love Author:  Melissa Baldwin Series:  Love in the City #1 Standalone?:  Yes Release Date:  April 17, 2018 Genres:  Romantic Comedy Publisher:  Gemma Halliday Publishing Where to Find ON THE ROAD TO LOVE Goodreads Link:  On the Road to Love Book Universal Buy Link:  Books2Read Link About ON THE ROAD TO LOVE From bestselling romantic comedy author Melissa Baldwin comes the road trip of a lifetime! Successful Manhattan accountant Stacy Brown is shocked when her almost perfect life unexpectedly crumbles around her. Blindsided by her husband when he serves her with divorce papers and tossed aside by the women she considered her best friends, devastation and depression hit her hard. But when her mother sends her an old photograph of her and two childhood friends, Candace and Olivia, it fuels a desire in Sta

Review - Be Careful What You Joust For by Ryan Hauge and Ivy Smoak

My Copy of the Book Year Published: 2018 Genre: Fantasy Blurb: The fiercest knights in the realm are coming together to compete in the Joust for Arwin's Lance, a tournament that will divide even the closest alliances. The winner alone will have the power to start or prevent a war from unfolding across the peaceful lands of Pentavia. House Hornbolt, a prominent family that desires peace above all else, is hosting the tournament. The Hornbolt’s have always been strict followers of tradition. The first born son wears the armor of a knight. The second takes the priestly Oath of Arwin. And the daughters get married off to the most eligible suitors. The eldest son is the favorite to win the tournament. But the rest of the Hornbolts aren't as eager to follow the paths laid out for them. What if the second born wants to be a knight too? And what if the eldest daughter just gave her heart to a common thief? Customs are meant to be broken. But that’s not all that t

My Week of Reading (9 - 14 April 2018)

Hello Everyone, All I'm going to say is...I didn't get much reading done; and did only one review (it's been a very hectic week, which I'm going to elaborate on down below). Messing with Matilda by Cat Lavoie: Amazon:  Amazon Review - Messing with Matilda Goodreads:  Goodreads Review - Messing with Matilda Here is my blog review of the book:  Blog Review - Messing with Matilda Monthly Reading Goals: I still unfortunately haven't gotten to this. At the moment, I'm on par with reading - so as soon as I get a gap I'll be getting to this. Last Word: This week has been absolutely hectic! For those that didn't know, this past week I've been at a Christian Conference, and will be doing a small video update on it on YouTube this coming week. At the moment I'm busy reading 'Ingress' by Meghan McDonnell, and this one is the last book in the series. Another book that I'm reading that I'm going to be doing a review for this

Book Tour: Book Review - Messing with Matilda by Cat Lavoie

Book Information: Title:  Messing With Matilda Author:  Cat Lavoie Release Date:  April 4, 2018 Genres:  Chick Lit, Romantic Comedy Publisher:  Cat Lavoie Sign up for the CatChats email newsletter! About MESSING WITH MATILDA As a professional organizer in New York City, Matilda Hart wages war against chaos and clutter on a daily basis for her clients—and she vows to never let it invade her own well-ordered world.  But when her boyfriend decides to deviate from the path she’s been planning for them, Matilda's perfectly structured life begins to crumble. She reluctantly finds herself back in the tiny hometown she fled a lifetime ago—determined to lay low and avoid running into anyone she used to know. So why is she reconnecting with her former best friend and putting up with the bridezilla antics of Amber, her high school nemesis?  When Matilda is tasked with keeping the bride-to-be’s heartbroken ex away from the ceremony

My Week of Reading (2 - 7 April 2018)

Hello Everyone, It has been a CRAZY week (more about that down below), so I only got one review done this week. So here is the review I did. Dark Warrior by Denna Holm: Amazon:  Amazon Review - Dark Warrior Goodreads:  Goodreads Review - Dark Warrior Here is my blog review of the book:  Blog Review - Dark Warrior Monthly Reading Goals: This space is still empty - for now. Though I desperately want to get to the books on this list - I'm craving some good romance! But I first need to see how my other reading goes.  Last Word: Alright, about the CRAZY  week: I've been trying to get ready for a (Christian) conference that I'm going to be attending this coming week. Getting things ready like planning blog posts; booking accommodation; filming; trying to get reading done; and getting YouTube videos uploaded - so check my  channel  out. I unfortunately didn't get to any painting...but let me give you a hint as to what I did get to this week: This particula

Review - Dark Warrior by Denna Holm

My Copy of the Book Year Published: 2017 Genre: Paranormal Blurb: Jada is an avid bow hunter out on vacation during elk season with three of her friends when they are viciously attacked by strangers. One of her friends is killed outright and two others are taken captive. She wants to be with them, fight beside them, but another stranger arrives and pulls her aside, blocking her path back to camp as she listens to her three friends scream. Bryce is a tracker of rogues for the Laizahlian Council. He has worked for the Hunter Vaughn for almost three hundred years, having long given up hope of ever finding his destined mate. To his horror, when he finally finds her, it's to learn Jada is a human female from Earth. He barely arrives in time to save her from the two rogues he and his partner have been hunting these past three days. There is nothing he can do to save her three friends and he knows Jada will hate him for it. With his partner seriously wounded, Bryce must c

Highlights of the Month - March 2018

Hello Everyone, It's been quite a reading month for me - I read eight books this month - and at times it was a pretty tight squeeze! I managed to get one leisure read in - and the rest were review books.  So, favourites for the I'm going to list two top favourites, and then some honorable mentions - as well as a book that I wasn't a huge fan of. - The Forever Night Stand by Bena Roberts - GoT: A Clash of Kings by George R.R. Martin Honorable Mentions: - Sojourn by Meghan McDonnell - Doomed Spy by J.R. Rogers - The Fallen Kind Vol. 1 by M. Almelk Not such a fan of: - The Deadliest Game by H.E. Joyce Monthly Reading Goals: Soooo...since I didn't get last month's reading done (shame on me!), I'm going to carry over the books I wanted to read last month to this month, so just a refresher - these are APRIL'S reading goals: Read either: A romance novel OR A YA Paranormal book All I'm going to say is t

My Week of Reading (27 - 31 March 2018)

Hello Everyone, It's been quite a hectic week this side - I managed to get four reviews done this week - so I'm going to be jumping straight into them. Adam & Evie by Marisa Concetta: Goodreads:  Goodreads Review - Adam & Evie Genuine Jenn:  Genuine Jenn Review - Adam & Evie Since this ebook is only going to officially be coming out in May; I'll only be putting in the Amazon review later. The Fallen Kind Vol. 1 by M. Almelk: Amazon:  Amazon Review - The Fallen Kind Vol. 1 Goodreads:  Goodreads Review - The Fallen Kind Vol. 1 Here is my blog review of the book:  Blog Review - The Fallen Kind Vol. 1 The Forever Night Stand by Bena Roberts: Amazon:  Amazon Review - The Forever Night Stand Goodreads:  Goodreads Review - The Forever Night Stand Here is my blog review of the book:  Blog Review - The Forever Night Stand And then last but not least: GoT - A Clash of Kings (Book 2) by George R.R. Martin: Goodreads:  Goodreads Review -