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Review - A Crowded Heart by Andrea McKenzie Raine

Book Cover Year Published: 2015 Genre: Historical Fiction with a little bit of romance Blurb: Willis Hancocks is a bright, ambitious young man who wants to break out of his small-town existence and make a difference in the world. When WWII breaks out, he rushes to enlist, despite his parents' disapproval. As the world falls apart, Willis finds a way to forge through and finds solace in an incomparable friendship and a surprising, brief encounter with a love that takes hold and eventually threatens to jeopardize the life he strives to build while battling his post-war demons. While Willis is set on building a new world for himself with a single-minded goal for personal success-a lucrative, purposeful, easy lifestyle-obstacles are continuously thrown in his path, and he must embrace, overcome, or dodge them entirely. In the course of the choices he makes, and the destiny that is chosen for him, he unwittingly drags the people who are closest to him down into the darkne

Review - Little Women by Louisa M. Alcott

The Copy that I Read Year Published: 1953 Genre: Classic Blurb: As a New England mother struggles to support her family in the wake of her husband’s service in the Civil War, her four daughters struggle, too—caught between childhood dreams and the realities of burgeoning adulthood. For Meg, Jo, Beth, and Amy March, raised in integrity and virtue, negotiating the right path in life means making choices that will either narrow or expand their destinies. Based on the author’s life, Little Women transcends genre, gender, and class with its examination of personal quests, societal restrictions, family ties, and the end of innocence. About the Author: Louisa’s career as an author began with poetry and short stories that appeared in popular magazines.  In 1854, when she was 22, her first book, Flower Fables, was published.  A milestone along her literary path was Hospital Sketches (1863), a truthful and poignant account of her service as a Civil War nurse in Washington, DC base

My Week of Reading (21 - 26 May 2018)

Hello Everyone, It's been a slightly busy week for me - I've managed to get three reviews done.  Behind the Door by A. Gavazzoni: Amazon:  Amazon Review - Behind the Door Goodreads:  Goodreads Review - Behind the Door Here is my blog review of the book:  Blog Review - Behind the Door For those that are interested - I have recently made my Goodreads profile public, so here is the  link  to my profile if you want to check it out and follow my reviews; though you are also more than welcome to follow me on my  Amazon  profile as well.  Bluethroat Morning by Jacqui Lofthouse: Amazon:  Amazon Review - Bluethroat Morning Goodreads:  Goodreads Review - Bluethroat Morning Here is my blog review of the book:  Blog Review - Bluethroat Morning And last but not least: The Six: Kristy by Samantha March: Amazon:  Amazon Review - The Six: Kristy Goodreads:  Goodreads Review - The Six: Kristy Here is my blog review of the book:  Blog Review - The Six: Kristy So as you c

Review - The Six: Kristy by Samantha March

Book Cover Year Published: 2018 Genre: Chick Lit; Women's Fiction Blurb: Kristy Martin is twenty-something, single and living it up in Chicago. She has a crew of close girlfriends to keep her social calendar active, and is celebrating finally securing employment in her chosen field. While always free-spirited, Kristy is getting tired of the revolving door – or more accurately, bed – of random guys and failed dates, and comes up with a plan to get her act together when it comes to the opposite sex. That idea is quickly shot down by her bestie Breely Laver and replaced with a bet she can’t refuse – a free trip to Paris with her yoga instructor BFF if she can go six months without sex. Enter in charming, sexy, delicious Grey Grahl. Kristy tries to navigate a spicy new relationship without giving away her bet, while also dealing with an incredibly sensitive crisis at her job. Her first year as a full-time elementary school guidance counselor starts off with a devastati

Review - Behind the Door by A. Gavazzoni

My Copy of the Book Year Published: 2017 Genre: Contemporary; Suspense with Erotica themes Blurb: When Lara dies at the hands of a Manhattan lawyer during a sex game, his defense attorney, Carl, hires Simone, a psychiatrist, professor and author of books on sexual behavior to help him buttress his argument that Lara’s death was accidental. To help his defense, Carl’s client has written a detailed account of his steamy, year-long relationship with Lara. Carl gives the text to Simone for analysis. While evaluating the presumed killer’s writing, Simone continues to receive psychiatric patients with sexual disorders and unusual fantasies, and to research strange sexual behavior for her next book. Meanwhile, Simone’s clinical partner, friend and research colleague, Edward, is working with the police to capture a serial killer who is torturing and killing women. From hot and unusual sex and interesting psychiatric patients, to the swing houses of New York and Paris, this fast-

Review - Bluethroat Morning by Jacqui Lofthouse

Book Cover Year Published: 2018 Genre: Literary; Contemporary; Mystery Blurb: Alison Bliss, celebrity model and critically acclaimed writer, walks into the sea one ‘bluethroat morning’. In death she becomes a greater icon than in life, and the Norfolk village where she lived is soon a place of pilgrimage. Six years later her husband Harry, a schoolteacher, is still haunted by her suicide and faithful to her memory. Until he meets Helen and they fall in love. Harry and Helen’s relationship initiates a return to the scene of Alison’s death where they meet ninety-eight year old Ern Higham, and a tale is revealed that has been generations in the making. As Harry pieces together a tragic history and finally confronts his own pain, he discovers that to truly move forward, first he must understand the past ... About the Author: Jacqui Lofthouse is the author of four novels 'The Temple of Hymen', 'Bluethroat Morning' 'Een Stille Verdwijning' and

My Week of Reading (14 - 19 May 2018)

Hello Everyone, This week, I managed to get two reviews done (counting the reviews that I did on my blog as one review rather than two), which consisted of quick reads as well as a full length novel. Two Girls in a Cafe by Lawrence G. Taylor and A Dream Come True by Jeryn Alise Turner: Amazon:  Amazon Review - Two Girls in a Cafe Amazon:  Amazon Review - A Dream Come True Goodreads:  Goodreads Review - Two Girls in a Cafe Goodreads:  Goodreads Review - A Dream Come True Here is my blog review of the book:  Blog Review - Two Girls in a Cafe and A Dream Come True The Crimson Heirlooms by Hunter Dennis: Amazon:  Amazon Review - The Crimson Heirlooms Goodreads:  Goodreads Review - The Crimson Heirlooms Genuine Jenn:  Genuine Jenn Review - The Crimson Heirlooms This week has been a slightly tight squeeze with reading. Monthly Reading Goals: Even though I haven't gotten to this yet; I have been doing some leisure reading. Time is running a little bit short this mo

Reviews - A Dream Come True by Jeryn Alise Turner and Two Girls in a Cafe by Lawrence G. Taylor

Book Cover My Copy of the Book QUICK NOTE: I'M GOING TO BE DOING TWO REVIEWS ON THE BLOG TODAY Blurb (Two Girls in a Cafe): A young man becomes the subject of a contentious conversation between Felicity and Ruth. They have different impressions about the man´s character. The question is whether both girls have the right end of the stick. An intriguing short story with a twist - "Contemporary, witty, honest and ironic". Blurb (A Dream Come True): A Dream Come True by Jeryn Alise Turner dives into the deep aspects of one of the most important relationships a woman can have; the one with her mother. The setting of this book is Peru, a mecca of spirituality, and involves a time traveler experience. This book portrays the strong spirit of women and the sacred bond and strength that exists when they come together.  On their trip to Peru, a mother and daughter take an excursion to the Sacred Valley where they have an honest conversation about their liv

My Week of Reading (7 - 12 May 2018)

Hello Everyone, So another week has gone by and I've caught up...with some things. Along with that, I have managed to get two reviews out, so here they are. The Acorn Stories by Duane Simolke: Amazon:  Amazon Review - The Acorn Stories Goodreads:  Goodreads Review - The Acorn Stories Here is my blog review of the book:  Blog Review - The Acorn Stories Lunchmeat by Ben D'Alessio: Amazon:  Amazon Review - Lunchmeat Goodreads:  Goodreads Review - Lunchmeat Here is my blog review of the book:  Blog Review - Lunchmeat And this isn't the only reading that I've been getting done... Monthly Reading Goals: It feels as if I'm on par with reading; which is why I've now taken up a tiny bit of leisure reading, not necessarily books from my monthly goals list; but leisurely reading nonetheless. So who knows, I might actually be able to get to my monthly reading goals in May.  Last Word: Alright, so basically, for now, I'm only reading a leisure boo

Review - The Acorn Stories by Duane Simolke

My Copy of the Book Year Published: 2007 Genre: Short Stories Blurb: Visit Acorn, Texas, for the German festival, a high school football game, homemade apple pie from the Turner Street Café, and the cool shade of a hundred-year-old oak tree. Meet dedicated teachers, shrewd business owners, closeted gays, and concerned neighbors. See how lives become intertwined in moments of humor or tragedy. Just be careful, because in Acorn, the sky is always falling. From romantic comedy to razor-sharp satire to moments of quiet reflection, these tales explore the humor, drama, secrets, and scandals of a small town. About the Author: Duane Simolke (pronounced "Dwain Smoky"). Education: Belmont University (B.A., '89, Nashville, TN), Hardin-Simmons University (M.A., '91, Abilene, TX), and Texas Tech University (Ph.D., '96, Lubbock, TX), all with a major in English. Writing published in nightFire, Mesquite, Caprock Sun, Midwest Poetry Review, Internatio

Review - Lunchmeat by Ben D'Alessio

My Copy of the Book Year Published: 2018 Genre: Contemporary; Humorous Blurb: Victor Ferraro is a heroic and chivalric knight plucked from the Middle Ages and stuck in late 1990s New Jersey, or so he’d like to believe. More interested in dreaming up sweeping epics than learning how to subtract, Victor often catches himself staring out the window of his first-grade classroom, imagining battlefields riddled with arrows and orc corpses.  But his new real-life nemesis may be too powerful for Victor to defeat. A Goliath in chestnut top-siders, Pierce Stone wields a weapon more powerful than any battle-ax or broadsword. And Victor soon learns that at his new school, kids like Pierce Stone fight with words. Victor’s smattering of Itanglish might not be enough to take on his new enemy, but his obsession with Hell might just save him yet.  Follow Victor, from his impressionable childhood to the formidable years of high school, on his search for Hell—his own ordained quest for

My Week of Reading (30 April - 5 May 2018)

Hello Everyone, It has been quite a week for me; I only got one review out - but other than that I've had a bit of a busy week.  Sam's Theory by Sarah Mendival: Amazon:  Amazon Review - Sam's Theory Goodreads:  Goodreads Review - Sam's Theory Genuine Jenn:  Genuine Jenn Review - Sam's Theory I've been slowly easing myself into reading, even though I've already had to rush slightly since I've been slightly busy with other things, but anyways... Monthly Reading Goals: You know, I really hope that I'm going to get to these books this month, though it feels that at this stage, my review pile is looming above me in an intimidating and overwhelming let's see how this goes... Last Word: It's only the beginning of the month, and it already feels like I'm behind. I'm really in the mood for some very light and easy reading - I will most likely get one or two in the review pile along those lines...but at th

Bookish Ramblings # 7: Favourite Characters

Hello Everyone, Today I'm back with another bookish post - this time talking about my favourite characters. Feel free to leave comments down below as to who your favourite bookish characters are.  I could go on about this topic quite a bit, but I'll try to keep it as short as I can. I'm also not going to go into too much detail; since I'm going to be delving into a favourite character each month in my  newsletter  so feel free to sign up if you want to stay up to date with more bookish news that you'll be getting in there. Anyways, onto the characters... The first character I'm going to mention, is Varvara, who is from 'The Revolution of Marina M' by Janet Fitch, which is a character I mentioned in my first newsletter...and which makes me now want to read the book again...but that's going to have to wait; since my TBR pile is calling. If there's anyone who would like a copy of my first newsletter, feel free to send me a mail via the 'c

Highlights of the Month - April 2018

Hello Everyone, April has been a very busy month for me - yet I managed to read 8 books.  And, this month, I've been able to narrow it down to two books that I've picked that I really enjoyed (and in the particular order that I mention as well). 1. Messing with Matilda by Cat Lavoie 2. The Cruel Prince by Holly Black So those are my choices for April. Monthly Reading Goals: Ok, this is starting to get ridiculous since I keep on not getting a chance to read these books that I set for myself, but once again, I'm going to attempt to carry over the books from last month and see if I actually get them read this time. So, having said that, here is MAY'S reading goals: Read either: A romance novel OR  A YA paranormal novel Let's hope I actually get to this because the last thing I will be discussing is... Last Word: ...I have got a slight TBR pile this month, as well as two other books that I will be mentioning on my  YouTube  channel, so ke