Reviews - A Dream Come True by Jeryn Alise Turner and Two Girls in a Cafe by Lawrence G. Taylor

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Blurb (Two Girls in a Cafe):
A young man becomes the subject of a contentious conversation between Felicity and Ruth. They have different impressions about the man´s character. The question is whether both girls have the right end of the stick. An intriguing short story with a twist - "Contemporary, witty, honest and ironic".

Blurb (A Dream Come True):
A Dream Come True by Jeryn Alise Turner dives into the deep aspects of one of the most important relationships a woman can have; the one with her mother. The setting of this book is Peru, a mecca of spirituality, and involves a time traveler experience. This book portrays the strong spirit of women and the sacred bond and strength that exists when they come together. 
On their trip to Peru, a mother and daughter take an excursion to the Sacred Valley where they have an honest conversation about their lives. By opening up emotionally, they create a deeper level of trust and commitment. Although fiction, Turner's book summarizes the true dynamics present in many relationships. 
Filled with timeless advice and written from the daughter's point of view, this book is a must read for all but especially for those who seek to deepen the connections with the important women in their lives.

About the Author (Lawrence G. Taylor):
I was born in Guyana, immigrated to England. Worked and studied in London, before taking up residence in Sweden. 
In the 70s, I began trying my hand at writing stories, a four-act closet drama, a novella, and an unfinished (memoir) novel. I had then spent two years nurturing the ambition to become an author of some repute. But the going was tough, creating a feeling of insecurity for the future. In time, I shelved the idea and got a job as a hospital porter. I later did a BA (Eng. & Edu.). After a summer job at a psychiatric hospital, I decided to do a 4-term course for mental-health carers, Following that I would complete the first of two stages of psychotherapy education and several short courses in cognitive therapy. After retirement, I did counseling work for several years.
In February 2016, my debut book appeared: Strangers In Another Country, a collection of two short stories and two novellas, available in ebook and paperback at Amazon. 

About the Author (Jeryn Alise Turner):
Jeryn Alise Turner has an MBA in marketing and is a Senior Vice President for a global financial institution. She balances out the demands of work by meditating, practicing yoga and Pilates. To further optimize her health and energy she has been gluten free for over 5 years and attributes this lifestyle for restoring her mental, emotional and physical health. She loves anything homeopathic and frequently attends spiritual seminars to stay grounded.
Although described as analytical and linear by her peers, she expresses her creative side through writing, a passion that developed in high school while taking a Humanities class. Her inspiration for writing comes from an innate ability to connect with anyone she meets; whether fellow travelers, coworkers, or acquaintances. She is a natural born problem solver and uses her gift to help others. As a self-proclaimed master observer and a student of life, her writing opens its reader’s minds to a different way of thinking that leads to greater understanding and awareness.

Connect with the Author (Lawrence G. Taylor):
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Author Website: Lawrence G. Taylor Author Website

Connect with the Author (Jeryn Alise Turner):
Facebook: Jeryn Alise Turner Facebook
Twitter: Jeryn Alise Turner Twitter
Author Website: Jeryn Alise Turner Author Website

My Take on the Book (Two Girls in a Cafe):
This was a nice, light and short book - I found the ending quite amusing and also enjoyed reading about the different experiences between the two girls. I gave this book a four star rating and got a copy in exchange for an honest review. 

My Take on the Book (A Dream Come True):
Even though this book was insightful, there were times when it was a little dense in description. I definitely would have liked to know what had gone on in the daughter's life after she had gotten back from Peru. I gave this book a four star rating and got a copy in exchange for an honest review. 

Last Word:
It was nice and enjoyable reading both of these books.