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Review - Mind Me, Milady by Anne Rothman-Hicks and Ken Hicks

Year Published: 2017 Genre: Suspense; Crime Blurb: The writing team of Anne Rothman-Hicks and Kenneth Hicks released their latest crime thriller, Mind Me, Milady, in March 2017. Published by Melange Books, Mind Me, Milady is the third book in the Jane Larson series. The series also includes Praise Her, Praise Diana and Weave a Murderous Web.  All three novels are set in New York City where Anne and Ken have lived for the past forty-three years. In Mind Me, Milady, a serial killer is on the loose in New York. Police have dubbed him the Gentleman Rapist because of the mockingly polite way he speaks with his victims before he rapes them. Jane Larson is an attorney on the Upper East Side of New York City, and the Gentleman Rapist has chosen her to receive his calls announcing each conquest. He also reminds her in chilling terms that he will one day twist his wire around her throat and bend her to his will.Jane has professional and personal problems of her own, but she is force

Bookish Ramblings # 3 - Book Reviewing

Hello Everyone, I've decided to go a little bit more into depth about my book blogging; and as you can see from the heading, this is the third post in the 'Bookish Ramblings' series.  I'll first start off by saying that I am very grateful that I have gotten this far. I really enjoy what I do on this book blog of mine, and I've got some plans in the works for this book blog. For now, this series will take place every two months, just until I am able to do this full time; since I will then have more time to dedicate to talking about one of my favourite topics: books.  For those who are regular readers of my blog, I'm glad you are stopping by once again; and for those who are new, welcome. I will give you a brief background on this book blog: This blog started in March 2016; and at this point in time, since I'll most likely have a new book blog website up hopefully soon, I'll be sharing more in depth details about the history of my book blog there

My Week of Reading (18 - 23 September 2017)

Hello Everyone, Somehow I've managed to get three reviews done this week; it's been quite a busy week: Tattooed Love by Simone Elise: Amazon:  Amazon Review - Tattooed Love Goodreads:  Goodreads Review - Tattooed Love Genuine Jenn:  Genuine Jenn Review - Tattooed Love Persuasion by Jane Austen: Amazon:  Amazon Review - Persuasion Goodreads:  Goodreads Review - Persuasion Here is my blog review of the book:  Blog Review - Persuasion This book is part of another category as well, but I'll talk more about this one a little bit further on. I've decided to reserve the best for last: The Spell of the Horse by Pam Billinge: Amazon:  Amazon Review - The Spell of the Horse Goodreads:  Goodreads Review - The Spell of the Horse Here is my blog review of the book:  Blog Review - The Spell of the Horse Now that I've done all the reviews, I'm next going to be moving onto... Monthly Reading Goals: Since I've done one part of

Review - Persuasion by Jane Austen

My Copy of the Book Year Published: 1817 (Originally); 2010 (Collins Edition) Genre: Classic Blurb: Persuasion is an umbrella term of influence. Persuasion can attempt to influence a person's beliefs, attitudes, intentions, motivations, or behaviors. In business, persuasion is a process aimed at changing a person's (or a group's) attitude or behavior toward some event, idea, object, or other person(s), by using written or spoken words to convey information, feelings, or reasoning, or a combination thereof. Persuasion is also an often used tool in the pursuit of personal gain, such as election campaigning, giving a sales pitch, or in trial advocacy. Persuasion can also be interpreted as using one's personal or positional resources to change people's behaviors or attitudes. Systematic persuasion is the process through which attitudes or beliefs are changed by appeals to logic and reason. Heuristic persuasion on the other hand is the process through whic

Review - The Spell of the Horse by Pam Billinge

Book Cover Year Published: 2017 Genre: Memoir, Non-Fiction, Inspirational Blurb: 'The ability of the horse to sense emotion, energy and spirit is way beyond what most of the human world realises.' When Pam’s mother was diagnosed with terminal cancer, she began to notice the way her horse responded to her emotional turmoil. Thus began an exploration into the spiritual relationship between horses and humans and their infinite capacity to help us heal. Building on her remarkable discoveries, Pam began her pioneering work as a horse-led coach and therapist. By sharing her own path to redemption through personal tragedy, and other stories of healing inspired by the incredible interactions she has observed between horse and human, Pam puts forward her uplifting insights about the true nature of the horse, setting out some simple principles to help the reader transcend life's challenges.  A must-read for those wishing to understand the spiritual connection be

My Week of Reading (11 - 16 September 2017)

Hello Everyone, Even though it was a busy week for me; I (somehow) managed to get two reviews out. Self Compassion and Mindfulness for Healing and Acceptance by Jason Jacobsmith: Amazon:  Amazon Review - Self Compassion and Mindfulness for Healing and Acceptance Goodreads:  Goodreads Review - Self Compassion and Mindfulness for Healing and Acceptance Here is my blog review of the book:  Blog Review - Self Compassion and Mindfulness for Healing and Acceptance The Inherited by Lily Burlington: Amazon:  Amazon Review - The Inherited Goodreads:  Goodreads Review - The Inherited Genuine Jenn:  Genuine Jenn Review - The Inherited I'm going to be elaborating a little bit more about the book directly above in... Monthly Reading Goals: 'The Inherited' by Lily Burlington is a beautiful well as a Young Adult novel - which means that I have completed one book for this month's reading goals. I was tempted to give this book a five star though - bu

Review - Self-Compassion and Mindfulness for Healing and Acceptance by Jason Jacobsmith

Book Cover Year Published: 2017 Genre: Non-Fiction; Self-Help Blurb: Do you find that you are always your own worst critic? Are you stuck in a constant state of rumination? Have you found that the amount of stress you've built up prior to an event has been overwhelming, only to realize that it was almost meaningless when the event actually occured?  If so, there is nothing wrong with you! In this book, you will learn how to greater accept yourself for the person that you are today, and learn to shift your mindset so you can destroy these mental hurdles! Greater "self-acceptance" is not just some buzzword used to sound deep or exciting. It is a critical mindset shift that, as the title suggests, will help you change your life and reduce your stress forever. Many clients report that the techniques performed in this book have improved them for the rest of their lives. There are multiple exercises in this book that will help you train your mindset to

My Week of Reading (4 - 9 September 2017)

Hello Everyone, I have managed to get one review out - and my reading has picked up a little bit as well. Bleeding Cross by Aaron Dawbot: Amazon:  Amazon Review - Bleeding Cross Goodreads:  Goodreads Review - Bleeding Cross Here is my blog review of the book:  Blog Review - Bleeding Cross I quite enjoyed this book, as well as doing the review; so it's going to be interesting when the second book in the series comes out.  Monthly Reading Goals: I'm still busy with July and August; though I am making progress. I should have a review out the week after this coming one. Last Word: At the moment, I'm busy reading Self-Compassion and Mindfulness for Healing and Acceptance by Jason Jacobsmith. Since this is a short book, I'll most likely have a review up sometime next week. I am also going to be doing a review on the Genuine Jenn blog next week as well. There are three other books that I'm reading as well, the one I should hopefully be done with soon

Review - Bleeding Cross by Aaron Dawbot

Book Cover Year Published: 2017 Genre: Suspense; Paranormal Blurb: In the Still-Water Home of the Mercy an elderly resident is found brutally murdered.  Not only has he been killed in the most horrific manner, but his body has also been desecrated to represent the sign of the cross. All the evidence suggests that there is a paranormal element to the case and it’s one that only immortal investigator Thomas Arsen will be able to solve. But, as he searches for the clues that will crack the case, Arsen soon discovers that there is much more to the crime than he first thought, with a terrible secret manifesting itself and threatening the existence of everything he holds dear.  And as the body count begins to increase, with more of the residents succumbing to an ancient evil, Arsen comes face to face with the demons that not only threaten the lives of the innocent, but also the ones which have lurked in his heart these past two hundred years. Can he unravel the myst

My Week of Reading (28 August - 1 September 2017)

Hello Everyone, I got a little bit of reading done this week, but not enough to do a review; hence, there is going to be no reviews on this week of reading - but I am making reading progress. Monthly Reading Goals: I haven't been able to get to this month's reading goals yet - since I'm still busy with July and August's reading goals - which means that from this category, I'm busy with two books. Last Word: This last week has been quite a whirlwind for me - I've been watching quite a few webinars, I've tried to catch up a little bit on reading, I've resigned from my day job (though this is only going to take effect from next year), I've gotten myself a few things that will add to my soon-to-be-self-employed status, and, another one that I have accomplished today - I've opened my own  etsy  shop.  So, as you can imagine - I'm quite tired. But I'm also hopeful - since I've now got the future to look forward to, though i

Highlights of the Month - August 2017

Hello Everyone, I've managed to read 5 books this month - not including any of the ones that I'm currently reading. I've had a bit of a busy month; but I'll explain what I've been doing at the end of this post.  I definitely had a favourite book this month (you probably know what it is!) - The Summer of Shambles by Ebony McKenna. I also had a very close second; and that one was 'Weave a Murderous Web' by Anne Rothman-Hicks and Ken Hicks.  Sadly, I also had a least favourite this month as well (and you also probably know what this one is as well) - The Long Road Home by Carolyn Bowen. More details in general with this book would have made me enjoy it more.  Monthly Reading Goals:  I'm a little bit behind with my monthly reading goals - I'm busy with July and August's reading goals, but I'm going to set one for SEPTEMBER anyways: Read either: Young Adult OR Chick Lit Chances are very good that I'm only going to be reading one