Review - Self-Compassion and Mindfulness for Healing and Acceptance by Jason Jacobsmith

Book Cover

Year Published: 2017
Genre: Non-Fiction; Self-Help

Do you find that you are always your own worst critic? Are you stuck in a constant state of rumination? Have you found that the amount of stress you've built up prior to an event has been overwhelming, only to realize that it was almost meaningless when the event actually occured? 
If so, there is nothing wrong with you! In this book, you will learn how to greater accept yourself for the person that you are today, and learn to shift your mindset so you can destroy these mental hurdles!
Greater "self-acceptance" is not just some buzzword used to sound deep or exciting. It is a critical mindset shift that, as the title suggests, will help you change your life and reduce your stress forever. Many clients report that the techniques performed in this book have improved them for the rest of their lives.
There are multiple exercises in this book that will help you train your mindset to reduce your stress and rumination while promoting your own self-acceptance. This is a short, but effective read aimed to get you started immediately. There is no need to read a 200-page book on this topic. If you follow this book and perform the instructions detailed within thoroughly, an effective change to your mindset is absolutely guaranteed.

About the Author:
Jason Jacobsmith is a therapist with over ten years in the field. He frequently meets people who are frustrated, upset, and downtrodden with their lives. An overwhelming observation he makes is that most clients can help themselves simply by eliminating their negative thought processes and improving their own mindset to take better control of their own lives. These mindset shifts are often subtle, but incredibly powerful to the person possessing them.

Connect with the author:
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My Take on the Book:
I liked the definition of 'mindfulness'; and I enjoyed reading about the 'Four Boundless Attitudes' and most certainly agree with them. I ended up giving this short book a four star rating and got a copy in exchange for an honest review. 

Last Word:
I found this to be quite an intriguing as well as a concise book.