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Highlights of the Month - October 2016

Hello Everyone, I had an awesome reading month - I read 5 books!  On top of that; I can't decide which one is my favourite - that's how much I enjoyed each of these books! All of them were good in their own way. They also all had 5 star ratings as well! So, on that note; I recommend all the books that I read this month: -Pumpkintown Perils: Volume One by Aubrey Law -Moondance by Diane Chandler -The Hidden Genes of Professor K by Gabriel Farago -That Girl by Leslie DJ And last but not least; Three & Out by Laura Chapman. If you have the opportunity or the money to get your hands on any of these books, be sure to do so. Moondance was Contemporary ; Pumpkintown Perils and The Hidden Genes of Professor K were Mystery/Suspense/Thriller ; That Girl and Three & Out were Chick Lit . Last Word: I've already got a few books lined up for November, so I'm hoping to have a good reading month if not an awesome one. I'm also hoping that I'l

My Week of Reading (24 - 29 October 2016)

Hello Everyone, I've had an excellent week of reading, and it's the first time that that is the case. I have done two reviews this week, which also includes a book tour (and I am most certainly going to be taking part in another one soon!). Without further ado, here are the reviews I did: That Girl  by Leslie DJ: Amazon:  Amazon Review - That Girl Goodreads:  Goodreads Review - That Girl Here is my blog review of the book:  Blog Review - That Girl And the other one: Three & Out by Laura Chapman: Amazon:  Amazon Review - Three & Out Goodreads:  Goodreads Review - Three & Out Here is my blog review of the book:  Blog Review - Three & Out I also did another blog review today as well, but I'll only post the review links for that book in my next 'Week of Reading' as I can't post the review on Amazon yet - since it will only be released [on Amazon] on the 1st of November. Last Words: I can't believe that i

Review - Moondance by Diane Chandler

My Copy of the Book Year Published: 2016 Genre: Contemporary/Women's Fiction Blurb: How can you long for someone who doesn't exist? Cat has always been in control of her life. Happily married to Dom, but flying high as a political lobbyist, she dismisses his desire to start a family ... until she herself is ready. But what if it is then too late? Complex and selfish, intelligent and open, if she is to succeed in having that elusive child, Cat must battle through gruelling fertility treatment and the emotional strain it places on her marriage. By her side, Dom, easygoing and ever the optimist, finds that he too risks being run ragged by their journey. Both are forced to come to terms with their longing for a baby against the blitz on a relationship tested like never before. About the Author: I was born and bred in Derby, England, and my family still live there. After studying French and German at Salford University in the early 1980s, I then skitte

Book Tour: Book Review - That Girl by Leslie DJ

That Girl - By Leslie DJ - Book Tour Book Tour Arranged by:  HCL Author Services & Book Tours Book Cover That Girl By Leslie DJ Genre: Chick Lit Release Date: Sept 20, 2016 Blurb: Stacey Melendez doesn’t believe in marriage. It’s 2008 and she’s perfectly content being a single 28-year-old Latina living in Manhattan with her best friend and roommate Lin. She doesn’t mind dating handsome unreliable men. But when Lin suddenly announces she’s getting married Stacey is forced to reevaluate her love life and living situation. Stacey must learn to live on her own and find love within herself in order for anyone else to love her in return. About the Author: Leslie DJ is a Dominican-American writer and radio personality who resides in the Washington Heights neighborhood of New York City. She is the writer and founder of, an online publication that features written and audio music-related content. She hosts Sinister Girlz Live on WBMB Baru

Review - Three & Out by Laura Chapman

My Copy of the Book Year Published: 2016 Genre: Chick Lit Blurb: After rushing to the altar and moving across the country, Harper Duquaine (or is it MacLaughlin, now?) is in uncharted territory. What once seemed like a promising opportunity to advance her husband’s career while giving her some much needed independence and adventure has proven to be a bust. By the time fall rolls around again, she’s back in a boring job by day and overstocking her inventory of crocheted scarves by night. Not even the prospect of a new football season holds much excitement. At least that’s what she thought. Harper suddenly finds herself the manager of not one but two fantasy football teams—each with its own set of drama. Between the added pressure of her new marriage, an unexpected career prospect, and the hiccups created by people from her past and present worlds, Harper quickly finds herself going from bored to overwhelmed. Can she hold up under the pressure, or will Harper learn the

My Week of Reading ( 17 - 22 October 2016)

Hello Everyone! I had an awesome week of reading. I managed to put a review up, and I participated in the Dewey's 24 Hour Read-a-thon. But first, here are the links to my latest review: The Hidden Genes of Professor K by Gabriel Farago: Amazon:  Amazon Review - The Hidden Genes of Professor K Goodreads:  Goodreads Review - The Hidden Genes of Professor K Here is my blog review of the book:  Blog Review - The Hidden Genes of Professor K I had an awesome time doing the Read-a-thon, you can read more about my experience  here I got quite a bit of reading done, which relieves the stack of books I had to get done for next week. I'll also have to catch up on my emails as well... Last Word: Since I got 'The Hidden Genes of Professor K' done, as well as 'That Girl' by Leslie DJ - this review will be up next Saturday; I'm now reading 'Three & Out' by Laura Chapman, and as always, she doesn't disappoint, I'm hoping to hav

Review - The Hidden Genes of Professor K by Gabriel Farago

My Copy of the Book Year Published: 2016 Genre: Suspense/Thriller Blurb: World-renowned scientist, Professor K knows he’s close to a ground-breaking discovery. He also knows he’s dying. With his last breath he anoints Dr Alexandra Delacroix as his successor and pleads with her to carry on his work. Delacroix unwittingly enters a dangerous world of unbridled ambition and greed that threatens to destroy her. Desperate and alone, she turns to celebrated author and journalist, Jack Rogan. Alistair Macbeth, self-made billionaire and enigmatic founder of Blackburn Pharmaceuticals, has a murky past. He knows he must secure Professor K’s discovery for his empire, or perish. Powerful and ruthless, he will stop at nothing to achieve his dark and deep desires. Meanwhile, when the parents of a famous rock star, Isis, are brutally murdered, Jack Rogan is asked to investigate. On a perilous journey of discovery that takes them around the globe, Jack and Lola Rodriguez—Isis’ r

My Week of Reading ( 10 - 15 October 2016)

Hello everyone, This week has been a good week of reading, not in terms of how much I read, but what I read. I just recently finished a book that really surprised me, as you know, it's called 'Moondance' by Diane Chandler. I won't be putting up reviews for it just yet; I'd like to wait until the book's release date; which is 31st October 2016. It is definitely worth the rating that I decided to give it. That is how good the book is! I'll explain more of my thoughts on it in my reviews, and once I've posted my reviews, I'll then put the links in a 'Week of Reading' post. One thing I will definitely say is that this book is worth getting your hands on; it is available for pre-order on  Amazon I'm now reading 'The Hidden Genes of Professor K' by Gabriel Farago, and so far I'm only a few pages in. Seems like I've also put myself into a bit of a tight space with reading again; since I've got a review due for nex

My Week of Reading ( 3 - 8 October 2016)

Hello Everyone, My week of reading has been a decent one. I've finished one book and have started another. I think I'm going to get through a decent amount of books this month. Here are the reviews for the book that I finished: Pumpkintown Perils: Volume One by Aubrey Law: Amazon:  Amazon Review - Pumpkintown Perils: Volume One Goodreads:  Goodreads Review - Pumpkintown Perils: Volume One Here is my blog review of the book:  Blog Review - Pumpkintown Perils: Volume One Right now, I'm currently reading 'Moondance' by Diane Chandler, and I can see myself swinging a certain way with this book, though I have only read about 15% so far; but then again, that might change as I carry on going through the book. Last Word: I can see that I'm going to have to work out my reading schedule again, because I have signed up to participate in a blog tour, and it's the first time I'm doing it on this blog (I have participated in a blog tour on anoth

Review - Pumpkintown Perils: Volume One by Aubrey Law

My Copy of the Book Year Published: 2016 Genre: Paranormal/Mystery/Suspense with a little bit of Chick Lit Blurb: Deep in the Jagged Wood enchanted forest, wild witch Wanda Tempest owns a magic supply shop, practices witchcraft, drinks too much, dances and frequently falls prey to a weakness for attractive men. She also happens to be a promising, if only part-time, Private Investigator. She’s talented, beautiful and has earned the respect and admiration of the equally talented, though far less striking, Police Inspector Sam Shamrock, an overweight leprechaun. He’s crazy about her… she’s crazy about her cat food refusing whiskered companion, Jinxy. Join this formidable, if mismatched, crime-solving duo, as they tackle mysteries ranging from the scandalous to the outright strange. Talking trees, evil gnomes, murderous wood trolls and homicidal humans will keep Wanda and Sam fighting for justice, and their very lives. Troublesome twin sisters, a crazy great-aunt, a ki

My Week of Reading (26 September - 1 October 2016)

Hello Everyone, This week of reading has gone slightly better. I managed to finish one book and start another one. Here are the reviews for the book that I finished: The Finn: Revenge Will Surface by Matt Danza with Adam Horeth: Amazon:  Amazon Review - The Finn: Revenge will Surface Goodreads:  Goodreads Review - The Finn: Revenge will Surface Here is my blog review of the book:  Blog Review - The Finn: Revenge will Surface The book that I'm currently reading is called 'Pumpkintown Perils: Volume 1' by Aubrey Law, and so far, I'm finding it really intriguing! I'm quite sure that I'll be finishing this book sometime next week and putting a review up. Last Word: Depending on how my review schedule goes, I'm hoping to squeeze a paperback in this month. Unfortunately, I didn't manage to do that in September. I also got some awesome bookish items yesterday (as a birthday gift), here is one of them: So now I can add this aweso

Review - The Fin: Revenge will Surface by Matt Danza with Adam Horeth

Book Cover Year Published: 2016 Genre: Thriller/Horror Blurb: Join Lee Kager on her quest for revenge against the blood thirsty shark that still stalks her island a year after her attack. Driven by will for her loved ones she lost that day and fighting her sanity as she slowly sinks into madness. Her biggest struggle will be a choice between walking away and endangering those she still holds dear. They say dig two graves when on a quest for vengeance, however, the ocean holds no graves and like anything else, revenge will surface. About the Author: Hello my name is Matthew Danza. I am the author of The Fin series. I am an indie author and I have just published my first two books on Amazon. Connect with the Author: Twitter:  Matt Danza Twitter My Take on the Book: This is the second book in the series that I read, and as I've said in my other reviews, I enjoyed this one more than the first one, as the writing has improved quite a bit since the firs

Highlights of the Month - September 2016

Hello Everyone, I had quite a reading lag in September, so I finished fewer books than I hoped I would. Technically I only read two books this month... If I had to choose between the two books that I read in September, I'd choose 'The ExtraOrdinary Life of Heather Mason: Assumptions and Little Voices' by Frances P. Webber. It seems like September was a bit of a busy month for me outside of the reading. Another thing that I decided to start doing this month, was start a blog on WordPress. This is going to cover a wider range of topics, things like my writing, my faith, other bookish things, and just all-round my thoughts, so if you would like to check it out, the link is  here I also managed to do some book buying yesterday, which I also posted about on WordPress, which you can read about  here Last Word: I'm not sure how October is going to go since the hours at work are increasing (even more than what I'm currently working now), so I hope tha