Highlights of the Month - October 2016

Hello Everyone,

I had an awesome reading month - I read 5 books! 
On top of that; I can't decide which one is my favourite - that's how much I enjoyed each of these books! All of them were good in their own way. They also all had 5 star ratings as well!

So, on that note; I recommend all the books that I read this month:
-Pumpkintown Perils: Volume One by Aubrey Law
-Moondance by Diane Chandler
-The Hidden Genes of Professor K by Gabriel Farago
-That Girl by Leslie DJ
And last but not least; Three & Out by Laura Chapman.

If you have the opportunity or the money to get your hands on any of these books, be sure to do so. Moondance was Contemporary; Pumpkintown Perils and The Hidden Genes of Professor K were Mystery/Suspense/Thriller; That Girl and Three & Out were Chick Lit.

Last Word:
I've already got a few books lined up for November, so I'm hoping to have a good reading month if not an awesome one. I'm also hoping that I'll get through all the books I plan to read, since I think November will be a bit of a busy month. 

Hope you had a great month of reading,
Chat Soon,