Review - The Fin: Revenge will Surface by Matt Danza with Adam Horeth

Book Cover

Year Published: 2016
Genre: Thriller/Horror

Join Lee Kager on her quest for revenge against the blood thirsty shark that still stalks her island a year after her attack. Driven by will for her loved ones she lost that day and fighting her sanity as she slowly sinks into madness. Her biggest struggle will be a choice between walking away and endangering those she still holds dear. They say dig two graves when on a quest for vengeance, however, the ocean holds no graves and like anything else, revenge will surface.

About the Author:
Hello my name is Matthew Danza. I am the author of The Fin series. I am an indie author and I have just published my first two books on Amazon.

Connect with the Author:

My Take on the Book:
This is the second book in the series that I read, and as I've said in my other reviews, I enjoyed this one more than the first one, as the writing has improved quite a bit since the first book. I enjoyed the part where the police officer comes to visit Lee Kager at her place; though there were one or two scenes in the book that didn't make sense to me. Unfortunately, the ending of this book sort of leaves a person hanging; since again, you don't really know what happens to Lee. I ended up giving this book a four star rating and got a copy in exchange for an honest review.

Last Word:
Since the writing has improved from the last book, I'm curious as to what is writing venture this author is going to go on next.