My Week of Reading (9 - 14 April 2018)

Hello Everyone,

All I'm going to say is...I didn't get much reading done; and did only one review (it's been a very hectic week, which I'm going to elaborate on down below).

Messing with Matilda by Cat Lavoie:
Amazon: Amazon Review - Messing with Matilda
Goodreads: Goodreads Review - Messing with Matilda
Here is my blog review of the book: Blog Review - Messing with Matilda

Monthly Reading Goals:
I still unfortunately haven't gotten to this. At the moment, I'm on par with reading - so as soon as I get a gap I'll be getting to this.

Last Word:
This week has been absolutely hectic! For those that didn't know, this past week I've been at a Christian Conference, and will be doing a small video update on it on YouTube this coming week. At the moment I'm busy reading 'Ingress' by Meghan McDonnell, and this one is the last book in the series. Another book that I'm reading that I'm going to be doing a review for this coming week is 'Be Careful What You Joust For' by Ryan Hauge and Ivy Smoak. 
I'll also be doing another blog post this week as well; a release blitz - so watch out for that!
I'm hoping to get back on track with reading this coming week; since I barely did any while I was attending the conference. 

Last Day at the Conference...

Hope you had a great week of reading,
Chat Soon,