Highlights of the Month - July 2018

Hello Everyone,

Yet again it is that time of the month where I give you the highlights of my reading month. I managed to read 9 books this month.
There are (yet again), more than one book that I really enjoyed this month - so here are my top two favourites for the month:
- Accidentally Married by Victorine E. Lieske
- Technology Can Kill You by James William Peercy
Both of these books got a five star rating from me. 

Monthly Reading Goals:
Alright, so - I at least got started on July's goal, and will most likely finish it in August - so I'm going to be switching things up - here is AUGUST'S reading goals:
Read either:
- A Women's Fiction Novel
- Fiction Novel set in South Africa
Ok, I will definitely be getting the first option done at least - since I've got a couple of those on my TBR list. Since I'm not sure how my reading is going to go in August; I'm unsure yet as to whether I'm going to be able to complete the second one...

Last Word:
So here's to a good month of August reading - I will most likely be participating in two read-a-thons - one of them is my own - which you can check out here. The other one is the Bout of Books Read-a-thon. It's the last month of winter here by me as well - going to see if I can try and enjoy it - slightly. 

Monthly Freebie:
This month's freebie is from an author that I've read before, as well as reading the book itself: The Forgotten Painting by Gabriel Farago. I have a few of this author's books, and I'm hoping that I will be getting to them soon. Please be aware that I'm not sure how long this ebook is going to be free, so be sure to use this link as soon as possible. 

Hope you had a great month of reading,
Chat Soon,