Review - A Thorne in Time by Lorel Clayton

My Copy of the Book

Year Published: 2017
Genre: Paranormal; Fantasy

Before Eva Thorne can accept her destiny, she must learn to accept herself. Eva leaves her family behind for boarding school (that’s a good thing when your family includes necromancers and crime lords), but the foreign city of Gernwold has its own dangers. An intruder, a teacher injured, a stolen necklace left in her room… Either someone is trying to frame her, or they know what Eva really is. 
In this prequel novella to the Eva Thorne series, enjoy mystery and magic melded with technology, as you explore the Three Kingdoms and meet all the friends who will one day help Eva become the famous (or notorious) detective we know and love her to be.

About the Author:
Lorel and Clayton were teen sweethearts, brought together by a fierce love of books (and hormones). Despite being married for almost 30 years, they are still madly in love and still writing. As writing partners, they meld logic, creativity, and genres. Fantasy, science-fiction, mystery, horror, steampunk, thriller, romance, classics ... they read them all, and if they can mix them they will! Lorel has a PhD in molecular biology and Once Upon a Time did cancer research before turning to the dark side (aka marketing), but she uses her powers for good, helping raise funds for charity. She loves books, movies and animals, and would gladly spend all day with a cat on her lap and the wind in her hair (Conan reference there), while tapping out a story on her keyboard. Or maybe a movie script. With coffee of course. And lots of chocolate! Clayton is an artist and has recently tackled digital painting, mostly because there’s a hyperactive six-year-old boy running around the house (their gorgeous son, in case you were wondering if that’s normal). Clayton is severely dyslexic but loves books and storytelling. He adds vast imagination and a discerning ear for effective prose to their creative collaboration, not to mention the book cover art. Born and raised in the western United States, they traveled to Sydney, Australia in 1997 and never left, finding the sunshine and beaches of “Oz” too irresistible. Look them up if ever you're Down Under.

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My Take on the Book:
This is a short novella that gives a small peek into the world of Eva Thorne; there were one or two times where this novella got a little bit creepy, but overall, it was a nice light read and a way to slide back into the Eva Thorne world.

Last Word:
It's wonderful to be reading another book from Lorel Clayton; and with the third book out; I'm going to be reading my copy of the second book 'A Thorne for a Crown' to get ready to read 'Blood & Thorne'.