My Week of Reading (4 - 9 April 2016)

Hello There,

I haven't had too much of a reading week, I finished 'The Great Deception' by David Berko (I'll be putting up a review of it in this upcoming week), and I have gotten myself absolutely addicted to 'A Thorne for a Crown' by Lorel Clayton.

I've got quite a reading schedule coming up in the next two months, I'm still hoping to get a paperback in this month (hopefully). Thankfully I got most of this weekend to myself, so I've been trying to read every chance I get.

Though thinking about it, I should get in at least one paperback this month (waiting for a review copy that I'm going to be doing later this month). I want to try and finish 'A Thorne for a Crown' by this Wednesday (which I should be able to do with the pace I'm going at), then I want to fit in a leisure book as well. I seem to be keeping up with my reviews for now, keeping a little ahead, which makes room for any leisure reading that I would want to do.

Last Word:
Hold thumbs that I get 'A Thorne for a Crown' done by Wednesday, I can see that I'm going to enjoy doing this review. Let me know how your week of reading has been going.

Hope you have a great week of reading,