My Week of Reading (28 March - 2 April 2016)

Hello Everyone,

Firstly, just a quick update on the reviews that I did on my last 'Week of Reading':

Even Solomon by VK Lynne
Genuine Jenn (the blog I contribute to): Genuine Jenn Review - Even Solomon

I haven't done an Amazon review of 'The Fin' yet (I try to do the Amazon review as close to the blog review date as possible), so I will be putting the Amazon link and Genuine Jenn link in the next 'Week of Reading' post. 

Anyways, now onto this week's reading. I managed to finish 'Backpack Chronicle: The Perspective' by Adam Que, and I'm currently reading 'The Great Deception' by David Berko.

Backpack Chronicle: The Perspective by Adam Que

I haven't done an Amazon review for this one either yet, that's only going to come later this month, and I'm going to be posting the review on Genuine Jenn's blog.
So thus far, I haven't really had a big reading week, seems like I'm back to my normal reading habits (reading when I get home from work, i.e. squeezing it in between my internet and phone activity). 

Last Word:
I'm hoping to get another review book squeezed in...maybe I'll also be able to fit in a paperback? Let me know how you week of reading has been going. 

Hope you have a great week of reading,