Highlights of the Month - December 2017

Hello Everyone,

December has been a bit of a crazy month for me - I've had to finish off work; I've had to take on additional house duties for a while (which ate into my time and energy), and I've taken on the task of painting the room where my workstation is going to be. 
Considering how busy December was; I'm pretty stoked that I managed to read 6 books this past month. And once again, it is going to be difficult on which are favourites. 
But; here are my top three (in no particular order):
- I'll Take Manhattan by Judith Krantz
- Love, Secrets and Absolution by K.L. Loveley
- A Kiss for Christmas by Melody Grace 

All in all; I've had a good year, which now allows me to move onto...

Monthly Reading Goals:
I'm not sure if I'll be able to get two books done in January, but I'm going to attempt to - considering that I am now self-employed. So, here are JANUARY'S reading goals:
Read either:
A Humorous Book
A Contemporary Book
I'm going to try and ease into reading in January; so we'll see how that goes.

Last Word:
For January, I'm going to carry on renovating the room where my workstation is (and I'll be posting pics), painting and tiling the room. 
I'm also going to be taking on some book tours this month as well - there's quite a bit that I want to do this year; but let's see how things go.

Monthly Freebie:
The monthly freebie for December is The Hidden Genes of Professor K by Gabriel Farago. This is a book that I really ended up enjoying, it had a lot of mystery mixed with contemporary elements. Please be aware that I'm not sure how long this ebook is going to be free, so be sure to use this link as soon as possible. 

Hope you had a great month of reading,
Chat Soon,