Bookish Ramblings # 5 - Review Teams

Hello Everyone,

I've become part of review teams for the past few months; and it's quite interesting being a part of them. At this point in time, I'm part of 4 teams at the moment. Be sure that at times I am tempted to load more on my plate and join another one or two - but I'm resisting it - for now! 

These teams usually involve some behind-the-scenes, updates as well as some ARC copies sometimes. These can be nice reader communities to get into as well as getting to know other fans from the author whose review team group you are in. 

Some review teams are done via newsletters; and then there are some that are done via facebook. At this point in time; I am part of both. The newsletter ones are usually emails that are sent to you - in other words - you unfortunately don't have contact with other fans; and then with regards to the facebook groups - these are usually closed groups, and are only accessible if you're invited to the group. These are nice for interacting with the author themselves, as well as getting to know other fans. 

If you're wanting to get involved with review teams; see if there's any newsletters or facebook groups that you can get involved in from authors whose books you enjoy reading. 

Last Word:
These past few months have been quite busy for me - so I haven't really been able to engage in any of these review teams. But now that I have got time on my hands - I can start getting back into them again.