Review - Wicked Faith by Aaron Dawbot

My Copy of the Book

Year Published: 2018
Genre: Paranormal, with a small touch of horror

Wicked Faith (A Paranormal Mystery) Again, we join Thomas Arsen, the immortal reaper hybrid, and his two human friends (Lonnie the veteran killer and Fitz the cursed slayer), as they head to Barton/Texas, in an attempt to solve a puzzling series of deaths, mysteriously revolving around one Woman (Susan Day). Several bodies found, defiled in ways that could only hint to the victims' deepest secrets. As the mystery unravels, more details come to light that would indicate the malice of a creature more powerful and cunning than demons themselves. A convoluted thrill charged with mystery and suspense that could put our hero's talents to the greatest test he has ever undergone.
In this episode, Lonnie discovers a hideous  truth about his estranged family, while Fitz faces the monstrous reality of his cursed origin. Thomas must find the creature responsible for robbing Susan from everyone she cares about; Enjoy this paranormal thriller as we experience the second chapter of the ongoing Arsen Saga.

About the Author:
Writer, blogger, fictionist.
Let me just say I'm your average Joe, I work hard for a living. Although I've been blessed to have an amazing profession as a cardiologist, I still feel that I could share much more with the world.
Born in Baghdad (A city pretty much famous with ancient stories and mythology).Since my early years in Southampton, UK, I have always felt a special knack for fantasy and adventure. Everyone who knew me always noticed how my gaze drifted to some unseen world. As the years flew by, I discovered that I wasn't alone in my madness after all. Hundreds of fiction books later, It came to me that I can contribute with fictions of my own. In this time and age, everyone with a fresh idea can easily share his/her vision, and even better, make a living from it as well.
To me nothing is better than to create a world where imaginary beings could live in, craft adventures that tease the imagination, expanding our common consciousness.

Connect with the Author:
Author Website: Aaron Dawbot Author Website

My Take on the Book:
Warning: If you're not into slight gore and horror, I wouldn't suggest you pick this book up. Now moving onto the book: This second book in the Arsen series has still got an overall paranormal feel, just with the little bit of added horror and slight gore as the story unfolds and the trio of paranormal hunters try to solve another mystery in the town of Barton. Thomas Arsen is an intriguing character; he has a solidness about him that I really like. I got a copy in exchange for an honest review and gave this novella a four star rating. 

Last Word:
Having read the second book in the series, I'm definitely keeping an eye on this author and the next novella he has planned. Oh - and this book ends in a cliffhanger - I need to know more!