My Week of Reading (13 - 18 November 2017)

Hello Everyone,

I thought it was going to be a quiet week; but it seems like I got two reviews out, so here they are.

A Police Action by AA Freda:
Amazon: Amazon Review - A Police Action
Goodreads: Goodreads Review - A Police Action
Here is my blog review of the book: Blog Review - A Police Action

Always Yell Fire by Matt Danza:
Amazon: Amazon Review - Always Yell Fire
Goodreads: Goodreads Review - Always Yell Fire
Here is my blog review of the book: Blog Review - Always Yell Fire

Monthly Reading Goals:
I have sort of managed to relax a little bit with reading this week - though I have made a little bit more progress here; I'm more likely to make some more progress next week.

Last Word:
At the moment; I'm busy reading two books: 'A Foolish Bride' by A.S. Fenichel and 'Living the Good Death' by Scott Baron, and these are two reviews that I will be getting up next week. I haven't been making a lot of progress with Nano, but I still do what I can manage. This weekend has unfortunately been a busy one (and this doesn't include reading), and I haven't really gotten done what I need to. 

Hope you had a great week of reading,
Chat Soon,


  1. What an eclectic mix of books. I hope you reach your reading gaol ... I mean goal!


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