Bookish Ramblings # 4 - Workstation

Hello Everyone,

As most (if not all) bloggers know, you need a good desk to sit at if you want to do blogging. Until the middle of this year, I sat on my bed and did my online stuff (internet surfing); and it was comfortable. It was only a while after my sister had moved out of her room into her own place that I decided to take over her room for my new workstation. 

My new workstation, whoopie!

The room didn't look very neat (curtains need to be changed, walls need to be repainted, floor's carpets need to get torn out and replaced with tile), but it was fine for the time being until I could make changes to it. The changes happened very slowly. 

I wanted to get curtains in July, but that unfortunately never happened. Though, I did manage to get some things in August, namely a plastic chair, a printer, a side table and a small book shelf, which has brought me a little further along in my workstation set-up.
I have an idea that the other improvements that I want to make is going to be a little bit harder to get done - repainting and putting tiles down! 

A lamp was added in September - courtesy of my mom and sister!
Repainting and tiles will most likely get done in December; as well as curtains. 

Last Word:
As you can see, I have some shopping to do in December. I've got to decide on what tiles I'm going to be putting down; and I'm still debating about which of the two colours; either fuchsia pink or a nice bright and happy yellow; that I'm going to be painting the walls. When I'm in my work space; I want to think happy thoughts and have a positive space and atmosphere that I can work in around me.