Bookish Ramblings # 2 - Why I Purchase Ebooks

Hello Everyone,

This is the second post that I'm doing in this series, and this post's topic is going to be about why I purchase ebooks.
For one, living in South Africa, I've got a wider range of books available to me to read; since a lot of the books I read wouldn't be sold here - since the majority (80%) of them are be either self-published or are indie authors. 
I'm now able to support authors like this more, besides for just reviewing their books, I'm now able to purchase them as well. 
Second reason would be the cost of shipping the paperback format of the sort of books I mention above - all I'll say is that it would be expensive because I don't stay in a country where there is an Amazon online store for that specific country - which means I would have to order from US Amazon, shipping would be be higher than the price of the book itself; hence, ebooks are cheaper. Though, there are cheaper alternatives available now (think Book Depository), though I will only be using that route very occasionally. 
One advantage of reading ebooks is that you can read at night (without having a light or small lamp on).
A third reason would be that since ebooks are sometimes cheaper, I'm able to try a new book from an author whose books I haven't read before. This would help me decide whether I'll carry on reading books from that author, and if so, then there's a possibility that if I really enjoy the book, I might decide to get a physical copy for myself. 

Last Word:
Sometimes while I'm browsing through email lists from companies who advertise ebooks that are on sale, there are the occasions where I come across a book that might look interesting, and that I decide to look up on Amazon. If the book does sound interesting from the blurb I read; the next thing I'll look at is the price. If it's under $5, I'll most likely purchase it, and if I don't have the money to purchase it at that stage, I'll put it on my wish list and when I do have the money, go and purchase it.