My Week of Reading (15 - 20 May 2017)

Hello Everyone,

It seems to have been a slow week of reading, so I unfortunately have done no reviews this past week, though I will be putting up a review on Genuine Jenn next week. 

Monthly Reading Goals:
Still no progress, not sure when I'm going to get to this. Once I'm done with my review books, I should be able to get to this.

Last Word:
For now, I've put down 'Nightshade' to get my review reading done. I'm currently reading 'Lost Dragon' by Abraham Williams and 'Last of the Third' by John Lindholm. I should be able to finish 'Last of the Third' sometime next week. I'm definitely enjoying the books I'm currently reading, but for some strange reason it's been a slow reading week, maybe it's just because it feels busy in the evenings when I get home from work. 
I have managed to get some nice reading in this weekend, which has helped a little bit with the speed. I'm also hoping that I'll get another book in the mail next week, since I'm really looking forward to reviewing that one. Though I still have to do some refresh reading (haven't gotten to that either), and I'm yet to pick up 'Searching for Sarah' by Julieann Dove.

Hope you had a great week of reading,
Chat Soon,