Moving Forward...

Hello Everyone,

I have been able to advance to the next stage of getting this book blog to where I'd like it to be. Now that I've gotten to a stage where I'd like this to be more than just a hobby, I've gotten the idea to open up a profile on Patreon.

This is going to be for those who would like to or are able to support this blog in any way financially, with whatever amount they can afford. But I've also got an option for those who can't support every month, but will only be able to support financially every now and again. In this way, everyone who likes reading this book blog is included in being able to contribute financially. I appreciate every single person that comes to view or read my blog. And if you're able to support/contribute financially in any way, just know that I REALLY appreciate it!

For those that read my last 'Week of Reading' blog post will know that I've been wanting to change my username across the social media platforms that I use, and I've decided that Patreon will be the first one to show the username change.

With the Patreon option, there will be extras included (things that I don't usually post about on this blog or on my other social media sites). The link to my Patreon profile is here

For those that can't contribute every month, you can fill out the contact form that is supplied on this blog; and provide your email address; I'll then be able to send you a PayPal link, where you can give any amount that you're able to.

Last Word:
This is an exciting phase which I'm going into with my book blog journey; and it's most certainly not going to stop here. If you'd like to see where this blog could go, be sure to subscribe.