Bookish Ramblings # 1 - Purchasing Ebooks

Hello Everyone,

This idea has been going around my mind for awhile, and I haven't been sure what to do with it until now.

As you notice from this title, this is going to be a periodic series that I'm starting, though I'm not yet sure if I'm going to be doing this once a month, or once every two months. It'll depend on what's going on in my bookish schedule.

Anyways, the topic that I wanted to bring up today; was purchasing ebooks.
I've recently changed my bank account so that I can do things like internet payments and (gasp!) Amazon ebook purchases. 
Now, this new freedom can be dangerous. So far, I've managed to contain it (I've only purchased one ebook since I've upgraded my account); but the possibility and temptation is nonetheless there.

But - there is hope - I've made a [price] rule with myself: I will not spend anything over $5 on an ebook. And yes, I know that there is editing and formatting that goes into an ebook, and this amount translates into about 60 to 70 Rand (depending on the exchange rate) for me that is living and staying in South Africa. 

So, as you can probably guess; that narrows down the field of ebooks that are available to me by quite a bit. I probably won't be getting any ebooks from the more popular authors anytime soon - since they're usually over $6. Though thankfully, there are sales every now and then, so I might be able to get my hands on one every once in a while - since I am subscribed to companies that advertise ebooks that are for sale - which brings me to another thing to watch out for...

I like scrolling through these subscriptions that I get on my email, so I need to be extra cautious when I see something I like in the price range I've subjected myself to. And then to be extra cautious, I need to look at my bank balance to see if I can afford the ebook I'd like to get. Beginning of the month will still be fine - middle of the month, not so much.

In closing, I'd like to know what is your price limit that you will pay for an ebook? And how do you curb your impulse to buy ebooks that are on sale?