One Year!

Hello Everyone,

I can't believe that it's a year since I've started this book blog! Time has flown by; and this blog has come a long way since I started my first post. 

I've had the privilege of being able to read books that I wouldn't normally either because of availability and/or the cost of buying the book. I've also had the privilege of being able to connect and work with new authors as well that I wouldn't have normally been able to had I not started a book blog.

The only thing I do wish, is that I had more time to connect with people on social media; namely Twitter, but since I have a full time job, that isn't always possible. Though feel free to chat with me anytime over Twitter, link to my Twitter is here

I also appreciate everyone that I manage to interact with over Twitter as well, and those that I interact with on my book blog. I still have some book blogging plans in the works, that I'm hoping to do this year still.

I'd also like to continue making new connections, with authors as well as other bloggers. Being part of a support network is important, and I try to do that as much as I possibly can.

One thing I'd also like to do is read more. If I could spend my days blogging and reading; I would be so happy. Maybe that will still day.

I try to be as open as possible when considering whether I should read a book or not. I've had quite a few indie and self-published authors approach me to read their books; and it has been a wonderful experience to share those books on my blog and try to give these authors a platform and possibly new fans for their books. Sometimes I have to put my own books that I've purchased aside to review a book; and this is where 'time' would come in very nicely, so that I'm able to read other books as well.

Though recently I have been able to do that with the 'Monthly Reading Goals' that I've been setting for myself. When I've got a quietish reading month, I try to get other reading books in as well.

Thank you so much for the support over the past year, I hope that this next year will be full of awesome reading and expanding my bookish world.

Chat Soon,