Highlights of the Month - February 2017

Hello Everyone,

February on the one hand has been a nice month; on the other hand, it's been a bit of a tough month as well. Even though I had a holiday, I only managed to read three books this entire month...!

Though out of the three books, my favourite would probably be 'Family Ties' by Danielle Steel. Another thing that I also did this month was hold my first read-a-thon. I was on holiday during that, and managed to squeeze a little bit of reading in. 

I also started a 'Monthly Reading Goals', and was able to complete my first assignment on that one, which was read either a chick lit book, or a christian book. I managed to read (though not finish), a chick lit book. Which brings me to...

Monthly Reading Goals:
Since February went alright, here is my selection for MARCH:
Read either:
A Psychological Thriller book
A Christian book
I'm hoping to get to both of these in the month of March, even though at this stage it might seem a little bit ambitious considering how work is going.

Last Word:
I'm hoping that reading in March will go a little bit better, and that I will finally finish Sherlock Holmes (considering how much I've been enjoying that book, I should have finished it already). So wish me luck!  

Hope you had a great month of reading,
Chat Soon,