Review - The ExtraOrdinary Life of Heather Mason: Assumptions and Little Voices by Frances P. Webber

My Copy of the Book

Year Published: 2016
Genre: Romance

After having her heart shattered by her former fiancé, Justin Griffin, Heather Mason thought she had found someone safe and grounded in Mitchell Kent. By the time she realized she was wrong, she was so far in to their marriage that it would be difficult to extricate herself without losing custody of their infant son. Heather has learned that Mitchell’s jealousy no knows bounds when it comes to Justin, who just happens to be a world-renowned rock star. A shrewd and well-known lawyer who plays at life like a game of chess, Mitchell has moved the family to London, thousands of miles away from the man Heather gave her heart to over ten years ago. Heather and Justin have come to accept that they are still just as perfect for one another as ever, and their incredibly deep and ethereal bond remains intact. An illicit kiss they shared just days before her departure to London started the ball rolling toward the fate they knew they were meant to have. Now she must fight her way back to happiness, the path to which is much less clear-cut and much more treacherous than Heather could have ever imagined. 
Assumptions & Little Voices is the second of a two-book series that follows the ups and downs of a woman who just happens to be visited in her sleep hundreds of times over 20 years by the same couple. As she goes from solitary teenager to world-renowned rock star, her bizarre dream takes a temporary back seat to the unexpectedly remarkable and sometimes devastating nature of her waking hours. Through fame, fortune, and adversity, she fights to retain her integrity, taking solace in the ideas that there are few coincidences in life, and patience and faith in your path will provide the answers.

About the Author:
My first memories of writing fiction involve a second grade assignment in which a fish searched for his home (what the?!). My love of writing came naturally, thanks to my father, who majored in Journalism in college, and although he chose a different profession, he never stopped writing.
When my college writing professor told me I should submit my assignment as a short story for publication and my father vehemently agreed, I knew it was a craft that was meant for me. Although life became busy with marriage and children and I never submitted that story, the desire to write more never left me.
Although my chosen genre of Romance Fiction and my writing style may not be what my father envisioned for me, and he would probably be a little embarrassed by some of my content, he would be proud nonetheless.
I'm a proud mother and wife, and besides writing, I love to play music and read when time allows.

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My Take on the Book:
I ended up enjoying this novel more than the first one in the series, even though there were one or two things that bugged me (for more information on that, go to my other reviews; Amazon Review and Goodreads ), Heather Mason was also still very unsure at times as well. I ended up giving this one a 4 star rating and got a copy in exchange for an honest review.

Last Word:
On the whole; I did enjoy this series.