Review - The ExtraOrdinary Life of Heather Mason by Frances P. Webber

My Copy of the Book

Year published: 2016
Genre: Romance, also has slight new adult vibes as well

Heather Mason sees herself as a socially inept, plain Jane, teenaged guitar nerd. Her uncanny guitar abilities and the bizarre recurring dream of a Native American woman’s adventure can’t convince her otherwise. However, everything changes the day Justin Griffin walks into her life and her heart. Once their musical and personal collaborations begin, doors open that once seemed foreign and out of reach, and Heather blossoms into a beautiful, confident, full-fledged rock star. With Justin by her side, her life is idyllic. Together they make a lightning-fast trip to the highest echelon of rock music and become the most recognized and respected couple in the business. Together they reap all the rewards of such a feat, and handle it with the utmost grace and gratitude, and never, ever take it for granted. Ironically, the one thing that falls by the wayside is the thing that started it all: their intense and almost spiritual connection. Somehow they lose touch; the connection becomes disjointed. And then the dream dies. 
Now Heather must return to the drudgery of a life she thought she left behind five years ago. She must return to the place in her mind in which nothing mattered but her music. She must forget everything she just learned about love, trust, and taking chances, and find something safe on which to hold. Something, or someone, who will never hurt her like Justin did. 
The Goddess & the Rock Star is the first book of two that follows the ups and downs of a woman who just happens to be visited in her sleep hundreds of times over 20 years by the same couple. As she goes from solitary teenager to world-renowned rock star, her bizarre dream takes a back seat to the unexpectedly remarkable and sometimes devastating nature of her waking hours. Through fame, fortune, and adversity, she fights to retain her integrity, taking solace in the ideas that there are few coincidences in life, and patience and faith in your path will provide the answers.

About the Author:
My first memories of writing fiction involve a second grade assignment in which a fish searched for his home (what the?!). My love of writing came naturally, thanks to my father, who majored in Journalism in college, and although he chose a different profession, he never stopped writing.
When my college writing professor told me I should submit my assignment as a short story for publication and my father vehemently agreed, I knew it was a craft that was meant for me. Although life became busy with marriage and children and I never submitted that story, the desire to write more never left me.
Although my chosen genre of Romance Fiction and my writing style may not be what my father envisioned for me, and he would probably be a little embarrassed by some of my content, he would be proud nonetheless.
I'm a proud mother and wife, and besides writing, I love to play music and read when time allows.

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My Take on the Book: 
I don't agree with the choice in guys that Heather Mason makes, but if I had to choose between Justin Griffin and Mitchell Kent, I'd choose Justin. Heather also deals with a lot of uncertainty throughout the novel as well. I gave it a three star rating, and got a copy in exchange for an honest review.

Last Word:
I've been reading/typing this book's title wrong; I've been reading/typing it as 'Heather MANSON' instead of 'Heather MASON' but in the end, I did get it right.