Highlights of the Month - August 2016

Hello Everyone,

My post this month is a little late - but it's here!
I think my highlight for the month of August would be reading a paperback, and I'm hoping to read one in September as well...but we'll see how the reading schedule goes.

My reviews were also more spaced in August as well, one thing I found was that I read what I was feeling. Have you ever had/done that?
The books that I did that with was 'The Partner' by John Grisham and 'The ExtraOrdinary Life of Heather Mason' by Frances P. Webber. 

One strange but interesting book that I read was 'Safe Harbor' by Heather Wardell.
I also managed to get some awesome books in August as well, among them a gorgeous 'Game of Thrones' box set.

Last Word:
So the month of August was a decent one - and I've got my review schedule all planned out for September. As I said, hopefully I'll get another paperback in. If there's anyone that would like to connect with me on social media, let me know in the comments below; I'm on Twitter, Instagram and Snapchat. Also let me know if you like the small changes that I have made in my reviews.

Hope you had a great month of reading,