My Week of Reading (5 - 10 September 2016)

Hello Everyone,

This week of reading has been alright, I managed to finish one book and start another. For those that didn't read my latest review, here are all the review links:

The ExtraOrdinary Life of Heather Mason: Assumptions and Little Voices by Frances P. Webber:

The book that I'm currently reading is 'Seven Will Out' by JoAnn Spears, and I'm quite enjoying it so far; I'm hoping to have the review of this book out sometime next week.

Last Word:
Seems like my review schedule is itself nicely stocked, I'm already wanting to plan reviews for October already, and we're not even halfway through September! : )
Anyways, I'm not sure how reading is going to go next week, as I'm probably going to be keeping myself busy with typing and I've also got a concert coming up on Thursday, and am planning to do one or two things on Friday. But overall, things seem to be looking up for me.

Chat Soon,
Hope you had a great week of reading,