My Week of Reading (29 August - 2 September 2016)

Hello Everyone,

This week of reading has gone slightly slow, but I'm hoping to get some good reading done this coming week.
I was able to do a little bit more reading this weekend since I was off from work, and my sister and I made a short trip to go an visit my dad as well - which meant I got some solid reading in.

Here is the review that I did this past week:

The ExtraOrdinary Life of Heather Mason: The Goddess & the Rock Star by Frances P. Webber:
Here is my blog review of the book: Blog Review - The ExtraOrdinary Life of Heather Mason

I'm now currently reading the second book in the series, titled: 'The ExtraOrdinary Life of Heather Mason: Assumptions & Little Voices'. So far, I'm enjoying this one quite a bit more than the first one!

Last Word:
I'm hoping to do another review this week, since my reading is coming on a little bit better. There's also been a better turn of weather as well in the Southern Hemisphere, so I'm enjoying the decent weather as well.

Chat Soon,
Hope you had a great week of reading,