Review - Ramp Rat by CC Standish

Book Cover

Year Published: 2017
Genre: Humour; Contemporary

Gen X malcontent Conrad Jacoby is rapidly approaching the big 2-0. Although the rebellious scamp has skated by on minimum wage jobs throughout his teens, Conrad is now in search of a more meaningful pathway into his 20s to supplement the stagnant doldrums of mid ‘90s Minnesota. After landing a baggage-handling job at the airport, Conrad hits the ground running as the challenge of learning a new craft mirrors the struggles in his personal life. As he navigates difficult relationships with both his parents and long-time girlfriend—Minnie, Conrad uses his new trade to rise above the everyday frustrations and push forward into adulthood in this rollicking New Adult comedy.

About the Author:
CC Standish is an indie author based out of Seattle. As a college dropout and blue-collar worker, CC has learned a lot about the importance of a work/life balance, using his spare time to write on the side. Born into humble Minnesota beginnings in 1977, from an early age, the arts and humor were CC’s chosen path over sports or school elections.

Connect with the Author:
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My Take on the Book:
This book took me right back to the atmosphere of the first book, it has the same humour, with Conrad Jacoby having to make his way through the adult world. I got an ARC in exchange for an honest review and gave this book a five star rating. 

Last Word:
I'm glad that another book from this author came out; with this book, Conrad has a more mature outlook, which you got glimpses of throughout the book. The book had a very pleasant ending.