Review - All Measures Necessary by Steven Kay

Book Cover

Year Published: 2017
Genre: Crime; Suspense

A contemporary political thriller based on the ridiculous notion of what might happen if a left-wing, Labour leader was resurgent despite all the attempts by the media to discredit him. What if, as an election approached, he started to gain traction because of a serious downturn in the economy, unrest in the country and corruption revealed at the highest levels? What if the electorate started seeing him as an answer to their problems? How would the right and big business react?
Finding himself at the heart of a conspiracy is 30-year-old Health and Safety Inspector, Mitch Miller who falls in love with someone he shouldn’t and gets into very hot water. A modern day Romeo and Juliet facing car chases through the streets of Sheffield, murder, betrayal and kidnap.

About the Author:
I like to write down to earth historical fiction that is well-researched and rooted in time and place. I love shouting at the telly when historical dramas play fast and loose with facts.
I live in Sheffield with my partner and two children. I spend Monday to Thursday on the treadmill, Fridays researching and writing, Saturdays (from August to May) watching my hopes crumbles and turn to dust, and Sundays waiting to do it all again.

Connect with the Author:
Author Website: Steven Kay Author Website

My Take on the Book:
What I enjoyed about this book was how distinct Kate Fitzwilliam-Bryce and Mitch Miller's narrative voices were. I quite liked Kate, even though she appeared quite snobby; though she could switch between brazen, crass and sharp to soft and elegant, which I found quite amazing. If you enjoy books that have distinct main character narrators, try and give this book a go. I gave this book a three star rating and got a copy in exchange for an honest review. 

Last Word:
It would be interesting if there was a followup to this book.