Review - The Long Road Home by Carolyn M. Bowen

My Copy of the Book

Year Published: 2016
Genre: Suspense; Contemporary

Kate’s life was in turmoil after the death of her parents. She’d always been protected and sheltered by them. Suddenly she finds herself with a conniving fiancé living under her roof, a powerful businessman with terrorist ties from across the ocean trying to kill her and more family secrets than most American politicians. She was also unaware that a half brother she knew nothing of was about to enter her life. Her situation was getting precarious right at the moment she was least able to cope with it.

About the Author:
Carolyn M. Bowen: Southern and sassy author who loves to travel. She enjoys weaving the scenes and cultural experiences from around the world into her writing.

Connect with the Author:

My Take on the Book:
At times I found Jake Sullivan appealing. This book ended up being very vague on details; there were characters that appeared to have agendas, but you don't know what they are. The plot twists also need to be re-examined, since some of them don't seem very well thought out. I ended up giving this book a two star rating and got a copy in exchange for an honest review. 

Last Word:
There were unfortunately times when this book frustrated me a little bit due to things that would have made the book a bit more fuller and understandable - more plot planning, character development and backstory.