The past while...

Hello Everyone,

This blog post is going to be slightly different. As you've noticed, I haven't been posting my weekly 'Week of Reading' posts...and that's because I had a slight struggle finishing the third book in a series that I was reading. I even missed my monthly 'Highlights of the Month'.

But what I'm going to do in this post, is post all the reviews so that I'm up to date; and from next weekend, it'll be back to my schedule.

So for now, I'll be posting the reviews for the series that I've been reading.
Minor, Novice and Limbo by Meghan McDonnell:
Amazon: Minor | Novice | Limbo
Goodreads: Minor | Novice | Limbo

Last Word:
Strangely enough, even though I enjoyed Limbo (the third book in the series), I still struggled to get through it. Right now I'm busy reading 'Raven's Peak' by Lincoln Cole, and I'm really enjoying this one; I'm hoping to do a review sometime next week.

And now that I'm back to doing my blogging; I find that I did miss it, even though I was previously distracted (and trying to finish) other things. And once again, I find myself in a position (since I got a little bit behind), that I need to cram my reading again to get everything done...but that's the way life sometimes goes, doesn't it?

Hope you had great couple weeks of reading,