My Week of Reading (18 - 23 July 2016)

Hello Everyone,

Yes, I'm back with my 'Week of Reading'; at the moment, I've got two books that I'm reading, both are for review.

The one I'm going to be posting on Genuine Jenn's blog later this week, and then I'm going to be posting another review o my blog sometime this week as well. I'll attach both links to the reviews in next week's 'Week of Reading'.

Anyways, let me get you up to date with some reviews that I've done:

Raven's Peak by Lincoln Cole:
Here is my blog review of the book: Blog Review - Raven's Peak

The books that I'm currently reading are 'Love in an Elevator' (I'm going to be doing the review for this one on my blog sometime this week), and then 'The Reflections of Queen Snow White', this review I'm going to be posting on Genuine Jenn's blog.

Last Word:
This weekend has been a bit hectic, so I'm pretty surprised that I got some reading done (though I did go on a bit of a road trip today, so I suppose that makes up for the other times that I didn't). I'm hoping that this coming week is going to be a good week of reading.

Hope you had a great week of reading,