Review and Author Interview - Clash of Worlds by Philip McClennan

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Growing up in an orphanage as a boy, James has no memory of his parents. He has always wondered who he truly is. Why was he given up? Where does he come from? And why is he able to do phenomenal things? James possesses remarkable abilities, skills that no other person is capable of. That is nobody but Chad, another boy he encounters in the orphanage. 

About the Author:
Philip was born and raised in Liverpool, England. He began writing comic books at a very young age, taking inspiration from his favourite computer game franchise Final Fantasy. 
Philip achieved a BA Hon's in Film and Screen Studies at Liverpool John Moores University. He also enjoys reading fantasy, thrillers and horror fiction, as well as autobiographies. His first novel, a fantasy and suspense book called Clash Of Worlds, is the first of a planned trilogy. 
He loves travel, art, football and chocolate. After originally wishing to be a film director and scriptwriter, and also spending far too many years of his life in higher education and dithering, he has decided to reorient his priorities and focus on writing fantasy and suspense.

Connect with the Author:

My Take on the Book:
This book was an awesome mix of fantasy and contemporary. If you're thinking of trying out fantasy, but aren't sure if you're going to like it, try this book. There were places near the end of this novel that were a little rushed for me, and there's a real cliffhanger at the end. I ended up giving this book a 4 star rating, and got a copy in exchange for an honest review.

Author Interview:
1. I see that 'Clash of Worlds' ended on a cliffhanger. How's the sequel coming along?
The sequel to Clash of Worlds will be entitled 'War of Worlds' (working title). The first draft of the second book currently stands 440 pages and is nearing its completion. I hope to have the first draft of the manuscript completed within the next month.

2. Is there a particular time of day you prefer writing?
I usually sit down and write after i finish my day job. I work in Insurance at the moment, and after a days work in the office, it is a relief to sit down and do something creative. I tend to write 4-5 times a week.

3. Do you prefer writing by hand first and then going onto the typing, or do you go straight onto the typing when you're busy writing a book?
I used to write screenplays by hand. Then i decided that I simply wanted to write more description than a script would allow and decided to start writing novels. I began writing the first couple of chapters of 'Clash of Worlds' by hand. I soon abandoned the idea when I soon found myself with a house full of crumpled paper! I find typing up on my laptop a little easier. However, I must admit, before I begin a chapter, I still tend to block it out with bullet points on paper first.

4. What gets you in the writing mood?
Sometimes during the working day, an idea for a character or the plot pops into my head. I jot this down into my notepad, or onto my phone. This gets me excited to get home and begin to bring life to the idea and watch it evolve. That's the most exciting time as i writer I think - bringing life to the strange ideas that pop into your brain!

5. Who are your biggest cheerleaders in terms of your writing career?
I'm quite lucky in the fact that I did writing in University, so a lot of my inner circle are into writing. It certainly helps it when other people motivate you and get you pumped to create a story. 

Last Word:
I most certainly can't wait for the sequel and want to thank the author for allowing me to interview him, I definitely enjoyed reading the answers to the questions!