Review - I'll Take Manhattan by Judith Krantz

The Copy that I Read

Year Published: 1987
Genre: Women's Fiction

Gorgeous, flamboyant Maxi Amberville is twenty-nine and has already discarded three husbands on two continents.  Life is a stream of endless pleasure in her lavish Trump Tower apartment--until her widowed mother married a man who plots to sell her father's magazine empire.  And Maxi turns her incredible lust for living into a passionate quest for power.
Maxi takes over the small weekly Buttons And Bows. She gathers her hot-blooded ex-husband, sassy daughter and a coterie of the powerful elite.  Then, risking all, Maxi creates B&B --the glitziest, ritziest, most successful fashion magazine in the country.  Here is a dramatic, sizzling story of love, family, ambition and one unforgettable woman who gives life and love everything she has.

About the Author:
Judith Krantz began her career as a fashion editor and magazine article writer. Her first novel, Scruples, was an immediate top bestseller. Her other books include Princess Daisy, Mistral’s Daughter, I’ll Take Manhattan, Till We Meet Again, Dazzle, Scruples Two, Lovers, and Spring Collection. She lives in Bel Air, California, with her husband, movie and television producer Steve Krantz (who passed away in 2007). They have two sons, Nicholas and Tony.

Connect with the Author:
* There appears to be no social media or website for this author.

My Take on the Book:
This was an excellent book that I thoroughly enjoyed! One of the things that I really loved about this book was the description of the setting where the book took place. I also found the eras that were spoken about quite fascinating; one character that I would have liked to have read more about is Angelica Amberville - if there had been a sequel with her growing up into an adult I would have really enjoyed it. I ended up giving this leisurely book a five star rating. 

Last Word:
This is the first book that I've read from this author, and if I end up getting my hands on some more books of hers, I'll definitely be reading them.