ARCs and New Releases of 2017

Hello Everyone,

2017 has been quite a productive year for me; so I've decided to put together a list of books (and authors) that I read in 2017: ARCs and New Releases edition. I'm going to start with the ARCs and then move onto the New Releases that I got.

Brake Failure (Alison Brodie)
Sweet Lake (Christine Nolfi)
Defining Her (Samantha March)
The Night We Fell (Lindy Dale)
Playing House (Laura Chapman)
Deep Water (Deborah Coonts)
The Cowboy's Accidental Baby (Marin Thomas)
The Comfort of Secrets (Christine Nolfi)
Ramp Rat (CC Standish)
The Spell of the Horse (Pam Billinge)
Zenka (Alison Brodie)
Meet Me at 10 (Vicky Jones and Claire Hackney)
A Police Action (A.A. Freda)

Pumpkintown Perils: Volume 2 (Aubrey Law)
A Thorne in Time (Lorel Clayton)
Don't Make Plans (Ava Armstrong)
Lucky Ride (Deborah Coonts)
Searching for Sarah (Julieann Dove)
All Measures Necessary (Steven Kay)
Bleeding Cross (Aaron Dawbot)
Self-Compassion and Mindfulness for Healing and Acceptance (Jason Jacobsmith)
Binge Until Tragedy (Den D'Alessio)
Aaru (David Meredith)
Jennifer Brown's Journey (Angie Langley)
Blood and Thorne (Lorel Clayton)
Love, Secrets and Absolution (K.L. Loveley)
Black Annis (Aubrey Law)
Always Yell Fire (Matt Danza)
Living the Good Death (Scott Baron)
Foolish Bride (A.S. Fenichel)

Last Word:
What ARCs or new releases did you read this year? If there's any other sort of bookish list you guys would like me to do whether for this year or for next year, feel free to let me know in the comments down below.