Highlights of the Month - September 2017

Hello Everyone,

September has been quite a hectic month - I've given in my resignation at work (which means that I'm going to be focusing on my book blog fully next year), I've somehow managed to read 7 books (WOW!), and on top of that I've had a busy month besides that.
How on earth did I manage to get everything done...? I'm not quite sure myself...

Make no mistake - I struggled to read those seven book this past month. So now I have to try and choose a favourite for the month - and it's also going to be a very close one as well!
There are three books that I can think of that I really enjoyed - maybe even four! So I'm going to mention these in no particular order (I liked them all for different reasons):
- Mind Me, Milady by Anne Rothman-Hicks and Ken Hicks
- The Spell of the Horse by Pam Billinge
- The Inherited by Lily Burlington
and finally
- Bleeding Cross by Aaron Dawbot

Another one I want to mention is 'Tattooed Love' by Simone Elise. This one I had mixed feelings over. The writing itself was good - though the book had a dark atmosphere through most of it as well as some other things that I wasn't too fond of that the characters did. So if you decide to pick this one up (or have picked it up and read it) - let me know what you thought of the book. Now I'm going to move onto...

Monthly Reading Goals:
I'm not sure if I'm going to get to reading goals this month - since I haven't quite finished drawing up my review schedule for October yet; but I'm going to mention what OCTOBER'S reading goals are going to be:
Read either:
Thriller (bordering on horror/creepy)
I reckon I'm going to try and get a creepy book in this month (since it's October); though I haven't got much of a selection on my shelf - so if you have any suggestions; you're more than welcome to comment down below! I have read a lot of Stephen King books (his are usually a little pricey; if I'm going to be buying a book I'm preferably looking at the cheaper range); ebook suggestions are also more than welcome - as long as they're below $5.

Last Word:
October is most likely not going to be a quiet month - so all I can do at this stage is try to manage what I've got on my plate. I'll be finishing up my review schedule today - so I'm going to see how things go for October. I've also got to try and catch up on some email as well. I've also decided to introduce something new into my monthly wrap-up. I'm going to be leaving a link to a (free) ebook down below - but be AWARE, that I'm not sure how long this ebook that I mention is going to be free; so be sure to make use of this link as soon as possible. This month's ebook choice is:

Hope you had a great month of reading,
Chat Soon,