My Week of Reading (16 - 21 October 2017)

Hello Everyone,

It seems as if I had quite a successful reading week, even though technically I only did one review this week - I also managed to get other reading done as well (I'll talk more about this further on). So let get on with the review:

Jennifer Brown's Journey by Angie Langley:
Here is my blog review of the book: Blog Review - Jennifer Brown's Journey

I somehow managed to get this one out in time!

Monthly Reading Goals:
I have made a little bit of progress with this (I will enlighten you about this down below), so I will most likely start my October reading goals sometime this week (hopefully).

Last Word:
Now I'm going to tell you about the rest of my reading week.
I participated in the Dewey's 24 Hour Read-a-thon this past weekend - and managed to get one book started and finished (of which a review will be done this coming week), and I started another book - this one is related to one of my previous Monthly Reading Goals, and I'm hoping to finish this one sometime this week. 
Prior to the Read-a-thon, I managed to finish another book that I've had on my currently-reading list for awhile - but I'll also be doing a review of that book this coming week! This is going to be a bit of a busy review week - since it seems I'll be doing three reviews. The Read-a-thon allowed me to catch up on some reading that had been lagging behind, which means I can start focusing on review reading again and hopefully pop in some leisure reading as well. Wish me luck, I'm about to do my review reading and social media calendar for this week! 

Hope you had a great week of reading,
Chat Soon,