My Week of Reading (19 - 24 December 2016)

Hello Everyone,

I would first like to say, Merry Christmas! Hope you all have been having a good day. My reading this week has been alright. The book that I decided on was 'After Me' by Deborah Coonts, and managed to finish it as well, though I'm only going to put that review up next week. So there unfortunately won't be any review links in this post.

Right now I'm busy reading 'The Last Valentine' by Felix Alexander, I have read one of his books previously, so it'll be nice to read a book of his again. I'm hoping to have a review up sometime next week. 

I've also got a new reading device: my dad got me a tablet for Christmas, and this is the longest break that I've ever given my poor laptop since I got it. I also got Sims 4 City Living, and am really enjoying playing that (I spent most of the day playing the game). I also got Game of Thrones version of Monopoly, and managed to play a quick game with my sister tonight. 

Last Words:
I'm slightly behind with my Goodreads Reading Challenge (I was caught up for a short while), but I'm hoping to be on track by the end of the long weekend.

Hope you had a great week of reading,
Chat Soon,