Highlights of the Month - November 2016

Hello Everyone,

I think the first highlight of my month would be that my number of page views went up for my blog - and I am so grateful for that! 
I managed to finish 4 books this month; including one that I did for a book blog tour, so I had a decent month of reading.

My favourite book of the month was 'Eyes of Autumn' by Cynthia H. Wise; this was a book I thoroughly enjoyed, and if you like mysteries, then I suggest you get yourself this one.
I also attempted to do NaNoWriMo this month, which I unfortunately didn't end up finishing, since I got sidetracked and started doing other things.

I've also got other reading-related stuff in the works as well. I've started a Goodreads group about a read-a-thon that I plan on starting next year, and have given a small explanation as to what it's going to entail, so be sure to check it out!

Last Word:
I haven't quite planned my reading for December yet, though I have a very rough idea of what I will be reading. Depending on how busy December is going to be for me, as I said previously, I might do a post about my favourite books of the year - though I'm not promising anything at this stage! 
I'll also be participating in another book blog tour as well, and I have an idea that I'm really going to like this one...but I will keep you all in suspense until closer to the time! : ) 

Hope you had a great month of reading,
Chat Soon,