My Week of Reading (2 - 7 July 2018)

Hello Everyone,

So I'm sitting here in front of my laptop; the weather is overcast and quite cool - which means that I also have a cup of tea sitting in front of me as well to keep me warm - just for those that don't know - it's winter here in South Africa.

What can I say, I just had to go and insert this in here...

I've also just started up Spotify, and am busy listening to Within Temptation - so I'm quite sure you can tell that I'm in a bit of a weird mood...but anyways, onto the bookish part of this post...
I managed to do one review this week, as well as a blog post.

From Afar by Frank Scozzari:
Here is my blog review of the book: Blog Review - From Afar

Monthly Reading Goals:
I haven't started this yet - but it appears as if my reading is going well (for now); so I'm hoping to get to this within the next week or two.

Last Word:
Alright, so - the book that I'm currently reading is 'Falling Silver' by Anne Maclachlan. I will be doing a review of this book next week, and I might get to another review as well. I even managed to get a small amount of painting done - the weather's not great; so I can't get much done. 
Oh - and one last thing before I close off this post:

Yip, couldn't resist adding yet another one...

I hope you all have a great weekend and I hope you enjoyed the pics as much as I did putting them in this (unusual) bookish post; these are photos I took myself (and edited) of mugs that I own - sometimes it's nice to switch things up every now and then! 

Hope you had a great week of reading,
Chat Soon,