All The Short Ones Read-a-thon

Hello Everyone,

This is my official sign up post!

It's been a while since I've participated in a read-a-thon, and I thought that I'd try out this one. I'm not too sure what I'm going to be reading, since I review books; I don't usually look at the page count, but I'll definitely be trying to squeeze in some that are going to be 300 pages or less! 

I've tried looking at the page count for the current books that I'm reading, and they unfortunately don't meet the requirements, and it's feels as if I'm forgetting some books that I need to review...I think I'm going to dig through my (HUGE) tbr list and see if I get anything...

*5 Minutes Later*
Seems like I've dug out some books (though I can't guarantee that I'll read these, since review books will come first before I read any of these leisurely books), though if a review book comes my way that are 300 pages or less, I most certainly will squeeze it into this read-a-thon. So here's a tiny list:

- The Crow by Leslie W P Garland
- Stay with me awhile by Loren Kleinman
- Destined to Fail by Samantha March

I think I'm going to keep it to this short list for now; they're all ebooks that I haven't managed to get to with all the reviewing that I've been doing, which means that these books that I've listed will all be leisurely reads. Though, if I get a chance; I will also read:

- The Taming of the Bastard by Lindy Dale
- Peri in Progress by Cat Lavoie
- The Prognostication by David Berko

I am absolutely shocked at how many books I've got on my kindle, and all of these authors that I've listed are ones that I've read in the past, but that I haven't been able to get to with all the book reviewing that I've done. 

But, who knows, I might get lucky in March with my reading and slash through some of this tbr! Let me know if you will be participating in this read-a-thon.

Happy Reading,
Chat Soon,