My Week of Reading (21 - 26 November 2016) and a BIG thank you

Hello Everyone,

Before I start with my week of reading, I would just like to say a big THANK YOU to everyone who has viewed and read my blog this month. I've noticed that the stats have been slightly higher lately, and I added up the number of views the one day from the beginning of this month, and have found that I have got over 1 000 views this month; so thank you to EVERYONE! I'm pleasantly blown away by the number and sometimes I struggle to wrap my head around that I've gotten so many views this month. 

And now onto my week of reading. I think my week of reading has been a productive one, since I managed to participate in a blog tour:

Cocktails, Rock Tales and Betrayals by Julie Archer:
Amazon: Amazon Review - Cocktails, Rock Tales and Betrayals
Goodreads: Goodreads Review - Cocktails, Rock Tales and Betrayals
Here is my blog review of the book: Blog Review - Cocktails, Rock Tales and Betrayals

Last Word:
At the moment, I'm busy reading 'Eyes of Autumn' by Cynthia H. Wise, and am really enjoying it; I would like to say more, but I'll save that for my reviews - and keep you all in suspense until then. I'm about halfway through, so I should have a review up sometime next week. I've also decided to add a sidebar with the six most popular posts in November. This list will keep on updating as the months go on. And again, a BIG thank you for all the support! I would not have gotten this far without all you AWESOME readers! : )
I think I've had a decent reading month; next week is end of the month...and then it's December! Frightening how the year has just flown by!
I might do a wrap up post in December for my favourite books of the year that I've read, but I don't want to make any promises, since I'm not sure how busy I'm going to be in December.

Hope you had a great week of reading,
Chat Soon,