Highlights of the Month - May 2017

Hello Everyone,

I had a decent month of reading - I managed to read 5 books - one for leisure, the rest for review. 
I would say that my favourite was 'Nightshade' by Andrea Cremer (leisure reading), my second favourite would probably be 'Lost Dragon' by Abraham Williams.

Monthly Reading Goals:
Sadly I only managed to tick off one goal this month - though I did suspect that that would happen. I did manage to start the one; but not finish it; and not get to the other one at all. So, without further ado, here is JUNE'S reading goals:
Read either:
A Classic
Any non-fiction

Last Word:
I seem to have stacked my reading schedule for June already; so I'm not sure if I'm going to have too much time (if any) to do a little bit of leisure reading for my monthly reading goals. Chances are good that I'll either get the same amount of reading done, maybe a book or two more. It just depends how it goes during the week. I can't believe that we're halfway through the year already - where does the time go?!

Hope you had a great month of reading,
Chat Soon,